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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Princess and Party Mania

Luckily, the balloons fit in the van, and Leonor and I spent the first hour setting everything up. Luckily, the bar kept me well supplied with margaritas!

I was thrilled with all the decorations, and they looked better than I had imagined.
The kids all arrived around 1 p.m. About half were no-shows, but that was OK, we had more than enough fun with those who did show!

Everybody looked really cute in their costumes.
After making everyone pose for pics, they brought out stuff so that each child (and a few adults who wanted to join in) could make their own pizzas. They all did really well and had a blast doing it.
What is it about the tomato sauce that makes it the most fun to smear? After they added cheese, the pizzas were collected up and cooked in the brick oven, for all the kids to eat.

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