Welcome 2nd Grade!!

No more sleeping late for us! It's back to school time!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Tonight was a lesson for T that actions have consequences. She was a good girl at school, and asked to go to the restaurant for dinner. Since I thought that would be a nice change from eating leftover hamburgers that Dot grilled up this past weekend, I said OK.

We get there, and T goes tearing off running to the restaurant, promptly earning a lecture from me about how even though she knows where we're going, she has to wait for me...especially when I yell RED LIGHT across the damn store and she keeps running. Big NoNo.

She barely listened to me during the lecture, and was bordering on being out of control as we stood in line. Not standing still and not listening to me when I would ask her to do something. She was warned that we'd leave if she didn't listen..three times....to which she responded by throwing her headband onto the floor.

Done. Game over. Time to leave.

This is the first time we've ever left the restaurant. She didn't want to go, and proceeded to lay on the ground refusing to walk. With my back, I can't really pick her up. A few pinches got her walking some, but then she'd balk again and lay on the floor. I had to get her out of there by holding both hands at my chest level with her handing down from there, I'd then lift her up with my foot under her butt, forcing her out of the store. The whole time she's doing her wet noodle impression. I think I injured me knee in the process.

So, she's lost TV and DVD priveleges for the rest of the week, she's lost ice pop priveleges for the rest of the week, and we're not going back to the restaurant for a really, really long time.

Problem with the dumb consequences though, is that I've cut off my nose to spite my face. Now, I'm banned from the restaurant as well. Bummer.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Disney on Ice

We had a fab time at the show. T loved the whole thing, and I was thrilled to get out of the place with 15 bucks in my pocket. As before, the prices for food, drinks, souveniers were OUTRAGEOUS!!

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Signs of Fall

Long time residents of Fla always know its fall from the tell-tale lessening of humidity in the air. Don't get me wrong, its still 90 degrees, its just a more comfortable 90 degrees. Only true Floridians can recognize the difference. So, since fall is in the air, we dis-assembled T's pool. Of course, it was also gross on the bottom, and that played into our decision, too. Its now out on the trash heap, along with the walker, which was rusting up nicely. I give the walker about 50 minutes, before some intrepid junk man snags it from the pile.

Lots of Dr action coming up:

We were at the dr on thursday for T's parotid gland. Guess no news is good news, as the plan is to watch it to see if it happens again. If so, we'll consider an MRI or cat scan. Follow up appt is on Oct. 9th. Seems there's some discrepancy with T's weight. At the pediatrician, she was 42 pounds, which I thought was a bit too heavy. At the other doctor, she's 36 pounds, which seems more likely.

Take my mom on the 8th for her new hearing aid...the third one she's had and the first one covered by insurance. She can lose it one more time and it will be replaced again, but she'll be dropped from the policy as "high risk".

I go in on the 1st for a needle biopsy. Seems the calcifications in one of my boobs appear to be clumping again, despite the drugs i'm on, and they're going to suck them out and test them, to see what's up. This will be the 3rd needle biopsy I've had. Each time, they're nothing, so i'm not worried.

Meanwhile, we have big plans tomorrow...its a surprise. All T knows is that she can wear a princess dress and full regalia out of the house. That's a big, big deal. She's already been warned that no, we're not going to disney. We're doing something else. Thanks to Emma's mom, I scored tix to Disney on Ice for 1/2 price. Show starts at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow.

Today, we just ran errands. Bought my mom some new clothes, as she's getting really skinny. Seems a side affect of aricept is lack of appetite. Plus, I suspect she forgets to eat. So I bought her 2 pants and some shirts in a smaller, petite size. Hope she likes them. I'll be stealing her old worn out clothes that she wears everyday out of her closet.

That's it for now, hope everyone has a great weekend.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Out of the Mouthes of Babes

So, here was my day...

We woke up and went to a 9:10 dr. appointment on Miami Beach. Turns out T has redness in her throat, but tested negative for strep, thank god. She's 42 pounds and 40.5 inches. When I raised the issue of the rocks in her throat...i.e. parotid gland ...doc wrote me out a referral to an infectious disease expert at Miami children's hospital. Unknown is this is just T's body's reaction to a general virus, or if its something more. He'll have to sort that out. Our appointment is on thursday afternoon.

Dropped T back at school and was at work by 10. Then, after a call from the gas man, charged out at noon to my parents house. They are the happy new owners of a brand spankin' new gas water heater. Much more efficient than the old one. Heated up the water in 20 minutes. The guy did say, though, not to expect this one to last 30 years or more like the old one. Things just aren't made as well as they were. Says we'll be lucky to get about 10 years out of the new one. Ah well.

Went charging back to work, and was there by 2. I even was happy with what I accomplished today. Maybe with all the running around, I was in overdrive, so I guess all is good.

Meanwhile, most who know me, know that I have pictures of T everywhere at work. I have a bunch on the wall in front of my desk, and also as my screensaver. Its set to randomly display all the photos in my "Photos" file on the computer. Of course, T is the only subject of all the pictures. So...the point of the title....

I go to pick T up from school, and while chatting with the teacher, she said I must tell you something. Taylor came up to me and said "My mommy works in a building" Teach replied, "Really? What does she do?". What does my daughter reply?

"My mommy sits at a desk in a building and looks at pictures of me on her computer".

Yep, that's pretty much an accurate summary of my day!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

And it Continues...

The never-ending saga of appointments with doctors and household repairmen continues...

T woke up complaining of "rocks" under her ear....those faux mumps again. However, not a bad case and I think they're going down. Nevertheless, we're off to the dr tomorrow, to make sure there is no ear infection. Also, to find out why this keeps happening.

Spent the afternoon at my parents, and learned that the water heater is on the fritz again. So I'll be calling up the repairman to come out and replace the dumb thing. Finally. Can I tell my dad "I told you so?" Problem is, he doesn't remember that I did, so it kinda takes the fun out of saying it at all. Sigh.

Meanwhile, Dot is also dealing with nonsense. She returned from Tx on friday night and will be flying out again on Tuesday. She returned home this afternoon to find a flood in her apt. Luckily, its not a bad one and was confined to the little 1/2 bath at the front of the apt. Carpet did NOT get soaked, so that's a blessing. She'll be calling out the repairman to fix the toilet tomorrow.

That's all for now...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

She's A Star

Taylor was in her first show today, at Barnes and Noble. The school was having a fundraiser there, and all the grades were doing performances throughout the day. The PreK classes reinacted the book "The Hungry Caterpillar". T had the integral role of "The Apple".

T's part was third. She was actually the first child to actually recite her lines, as the first two (The sun and the moon) were rendered mute with stage fright. T recited her lines with great dramatic flair, and even incorporated some hand gestures. She got a big round of applause!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

And they call it, Puppy love-uv-uv-uv

oh i guess they'll, never know...
how a young heart, really feels-eel-eel-eels...
an-and why I, love her so-o.

Remember that dreamy Donny Osmond song? That's the tune that went through my head today, as I picked up my sweaty, dirty mess of a daughter. She literally had about 5 little boys, most older, following her all around the playground like the pied-piper. They were running in a line with T in the front, across the balance beam, through the jungle gym, etc. As I yelled for her, they all come running after her when she made a bee-line for me. The tallest, and bravest of the boys asked the following:

Kid: Is Taylor chinese?

Me: yes, she is. (wondering where this is going)

Kid: That's what I thought. (he says with a big smile) She looks just like the girl in a movie I have. Its called Monsters Inc

Sweet child. He thought what Dot and I have always thought, T looks like "Boo". Anyway, They all waved bye, we'll see you tomorrow. Taylor , as she was walking into the classroom to get her lunch box, was looking behind her flirting and waving to the boy...and pulled an Aunt Ceci move...walked right into a chair. Ooops

Smooth Move.

But, I shouldn't be so quick to second guess my daughter's ability to manipulate the boys. Inside the classroom was little Victor, another little boy getting a drink. He had been one of the pack following T. T proceeds to make sounds like she's hurting with pain, and starts limping, and he comes over all concerned. Poor boy had to have asked T about 3 times if she was ok, and was very concerned. Yeah, that's my girl.

The same girl that Mrs. Maranges informs me takes spills on the playground, draws blood, and gets right up without a peep and continues playing. Victor informed me that they just started playing with T the other day, and like her alot b/c she can run fast.

Did I mention that after we left the room, T was miraculously cured? No limping in sight.

I'm truly impressed!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another Dirty Day

If I didn't know any better, I'd think that the child spent her time in aftercare sweeping chimneys. Its not showing so well from the pics from my iphone, but her white shirt and socks are actually grey from the dirt. Her headband, which is not showing in the pictures, was "juicy" from sweat. She came running up to hug me, and made my skirt all dirty from transferred dirt. Then, to top it all off, she had a new cut on her knee.

Guess a good day was had by all!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Dream of Jeannie...or Taylor?

Well, turns out my crazy father was right...for now. Gas man came out, re-lit the pilot light, and connected up the exhaust flue. It could go out again tomorrow, or 2 years from now. Who knows.

As with everything in that house, their water heater is not standard so the guy didn't have one that would fit on his truck. Their's is shorter. If the tech had had it, I could have convinced my dad to change it out. Once the thing was working, he had no interest in getting a new one. Great for him, not so much for me. The water heater going out in the future is just one more thing I'll have to continue to monitor and worry about.

My life would have been so much easier if he'd just replace the damn thing. Anyway, enough of their problems. On to something else...

Here's T in her Princess Jasmine outfit. While it fits her better than it did a year ago, its still about 4 inches too big in the waist...as you can tell from the pictures and her panties peeking out. She had a fab time this evening in her costume. Even did her homework in her costume.

T, so far, really enjoys the homework. Homework, however, is a bit of a misnomer. It consists of coloring, and tracing letters and numbers on pre-printed pages. She's not graded on it at all. Its just to get her used to coming home with it and taking it back. Whatever. We did the whole week's work in one night, and will return it all on Friday.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Best Invention Ever!!

So while trolling Target today (I didn't need a thing but dot did, yet somehow I spent 100 bucks), I found the best invention ever. Dot had gone off to take T to the bathroom, so I was wandering the kitchen section...something I rarely do. I was actually searching for the "As Seen On TV" section for that neato brownie pan. You know, the one that puts crunchy edges on all of the brownies with the bottom that comes out like a cheesecake pan. Anyway, I was woefully unsuccessful in finding my intended prize. My target just doesn't carry it. Yet. I live in hope. However, I spyed something even better....this bit of engineering wonder!

Its a collapsable collander!

What genious invented this?
Its made out of that new rubber-type material that's flexible, yet so durable you can bake in it...I've seen pans made out of this stuff.
Since its collapsable, it comes with these nifty legs that fold up.

Finally, I can throw out my old metal one, that was all rusted and beat up and probably 25 years old. I think I had it in college. Every time I used it, or more accurately, every time I'd see Dot use it, I'd shudder. Surely we'd all come down with a case of lock jaw from all the rust. What was worse, it took up all the space in my teeny tiny kitchen.

Anyway, biggest bonus was that as I went to pay, there was no price or bar code on the thing. Often when that happens they'll just ask you if you remember the price. I always tell the truth if I remember. Problem was, I didn't see a price for the thing on the endcap, which meant if I wanted it, I would automatically enter the game of "Target Roullette". Just how much would it be? I was fully prepared to say that I'd pay 9.99 for the thing, if they wanted to just enter than. However, the manager came over, all harried and harrassed looking, and said, "Fair price: 7.99".


What made it all better, was that unbeknownst to me, as we were walking out of the store, Dot said she had seen them before, and thought that the true price was 19.99.

This whole idiotic transaction absolutely Made. My. Day!

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Happy Grandparents' Day

We woke up bright and early, and headed over to my parent's house again for a few reasons. The biggest was that I needed to finish helping my dad gather information on that probate case he's involved in. I'm happy to say mission accomplished. Now we just need to supplement the info with his memories...a bit harder of a task.

Anyway, since Dot was flying home from Tx today, it was me and T. I knew that if I had any chance whatsoever of getting anything done at my parents' house, I'd have to distract T with TV or movies. Problem is, there was no TV downstairs where I was on the computer.

So, off to Target we went, and I bought a new TV for grandparents day. Totally selfish gift, as they rarely spend any time downstairs...despite the fact that I set it up as a home office for my dad. In reality, I use it quite a bit. Anyway, my excuse was a gift for grandparent's day.

I also sneakily suspected that my dad would not want me spending money on them, and would give me a check for the cost. As usual when dealing with them, I lied through my teeth regarding the total cost, since I also purchased a new antenna, a warranty they suckered me into, and a cable. My crazy dad thinks everything should cost what it did in 1960, so its just easier on me if I undervalue everything. Anyway, I'll now take the TV money that he gave me, and buy them something else I think they need, for which he'll reimburse me, and the cycle will continue. Seems that's the only way I get anything done over there, as they won't do it themselves.

As I suspected, my dad really didn't remember our conversation from last night re the water heater. Therefore, I took the opportunity to just announce that I was having the serviceman come out. If "its just the pilot light", as my dad contends...the man will fix it, properly flue the exhaust, and bill us by the hour. However if there is something wrong with the thing that's bigger, like I suspect, since the damn light has never gone out in over 30 years, then I'll have them install a new one. He can either be billed monthly via their program, or pay the whole thing. I really don't care. So, it will be very interesting what will happen on Monday. Of course, I'll have to take more time off work to pull this off, but we do what we have to, right? I refuse to allow my mother to have to take cold showers any longer. So, that's progress in my book.

Meanwhile, Dot made it in, and took T off mid afternoon, to allow me to finish. She'll be here tomorrow as well, but flies back to Tx on Monday. T reports that she had a fab time at the grandparents house. She was very busy all day playing with all the office supplies while watching DVDs. Also, she was able to give my parents the cards she made at school, in anticipation of this event. Frankly, we were all surprised that there even is a grandparents' day. Neither my parents, nor me had ever heard of it. Despite that, they LOVED the cards.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Day Off Work - Can I vent?

Hi all,

Took the day off work today, to deal with issues with my parents. I'm helping my dad with some probate issues that he's involved in. Still not done.

As I'm there, my crazy father mentions that there are no matches in the house that work. He's been trying to find some to relight the pilot light on the gas water heater.


I had been meaning to call someone to come out an look at it for a while now, as its over 30 years old and not properly vented. Now, its even more important. Turns out we won't get anyone out this weekend. $250.00 per hour on the weekend. Highway robbery. Their regular rates are $165.00 per hour. Holy moly. I should have grown up to be a gas tech vs. a government lawyer.

Anyway, I have someone set to come out on monday to install a new water heater. Why put money in a 30 yr old appliance, right? Plus, the gas company has a program that they switch it out for no out of pocket expenses. they'll just bill you 9.99 for the next 60 months. That's basically the cost of the new unit plus installation, spread over 60 months with no interest. Sounds pretty good to me.

Nope. Dad wants to "check into it". Translation: do nothing for weeks. Meanwhile, my mom is taking cold showers.

They can be so frustrating, at times, that I could scream.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back in Business

My modem arrived today, I connected it up, and am now back in business. Whew. I was actually getting a big jittery by not being able to check my daily blogs. Thank god for the iphone, as annoying as it was posting from it. It kept me from going nuts. So what all has been happening since we last chatted?

*On Sunday, we went over to my friend Sally's house. She is my oldest friend. Met her when we moved into my parents house in 1968...when I was but 3.5 yrs old. Yikes. Sally has 2 kids now who are older (11 and 9). T loved playing with her daughter. They also had a pool which T totally enjoyed, but was tortured by...

What do I mean by this? Anyone who as spent any amount of time with my T, knows she has 2 speeds. Running and still. Not much in between. Unfortunately, the pool deck around the pool was particularly slippery. T went flying like 5 times. I was worried she'd slip, hit her head, and go into the pool. Oy, the stress. I must have said a million times "Walk, don't run". Pure torture for my child.

*Monday, the holiday was fairly quiet. Dot had to fly off to Texas in the late morning, so T and I were on our own. Had a fab time shopping and hanging out together.

*I pick T up from school yesterday, and little Daniel asks me, "Why does Taylor always hit me?". WHAT???? T claims to have hit him b/c he hit her first. He looked down and grinned when she would say this, so it may be true. However, I know my girl and the fact that she likes to hit. All the little kids wanted to know what I was going to do. I announced T was in trouble...No TV tonight. An audible gasp swept through the room with that, and 3 little boys' eyes got round as saucers. It was the cutest thing.

*T did well last night until I told her to go to bed. She chose to sleep in my room. I made the mistake of wanting to watch a little more TV, rather than going to bed with her. I went in about an hour later only to find that she had ruined all of my tubes of lipstick. Used them to color all over the mirror of my vanity mirror, similar to what she did to her own mirrored closet door a few months ago with the chapstick. It was also all over her face and hands. She's in so much trouble I can't tell you. Granted, the sticks were old and needed to be tossed anyway, but that's not the point. Now there are a few bright fushia handprints in my tub that aren't coming out. She has no TV for the next few nights and is now banned from my room. We'll see how well that works out.

*Today was "Grandparents Day" at her school. I didn't mention it to my parents, as it would have been impossible to get them there in the early morning what with rush hour and the like. The kids showed off how they now know how to pray...all 3 of the big ones: Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be. They then sang 4 songs that had hand gestures with them. Too cute for words.

*Tomorrow in deference of 9/11, they get to dress down. They can all wear blue jeans, sneakers, and a red, white, or blue tshirt. Can't wait. I'll be taking off to deal with issues of my parents that I've been putting off for a while. Need to just get it out of the way, and I can't do it with T around.

*T came home from school so dirty, she has a dirt necklace around her neck. Wow.

That's it for now. Cant think of anything else at the moment.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Still Unplugged

Had to buy a new modem as the warranty on mine expired August 12. Figures. So, I'll be unplugged until either Friday or Monday. Bummer

t is busy doing homework. Wish I could post a picture of that. Damn

that's it for now. Posting from this iPhone is difficult, sp please overlook any typos.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Technical difficulties

My modem blew this weekend. No Internet til further notice. Posted this from my iPhone.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Fun Friday

Today was fun friday at school. That means, that all the kids in the class get to bring a toy to school to share with all the other kids. Plus, if you pay $3.50, they can have a happy meal for lunch.

NOBODY loves happy meals more than my kid. Unfortunately, guess who had not a dime to her name this morning? I had so been meaning to go to the ATM the night before, but forgot. There was no time to go this morning. There never is.

Luckily, I remembered that T has money. Whenever she has a purse, my dad is always giving her money to put in it. The other week, Dot was looking in T's purse, and discovered the kid had like 24 bucks. Apparently my crazy father had given her some ones, and may or may not have realized that there was a 20 in there with them.

I pocketed the 20 a few weeks ago, and the other 4 came in real handy this morning. So, I owe my 4 yr old some $$. Who would have thought?

Meanwhile, I discovered today that on most first fridays, when school gets out early....brace yourselves....


Had I know that little kernal of info, today would, in fact, have been a mommy day, as I got off work early.


Thursday, September 3, 2009


Yep, that's what we're on these days in this house. With all the fun we had last sunday, turns out that one of the kids has been diagnosed with Strep throat. Highly contagious. He's one of the boys in the pic playing with T. Figures. Marie's son Nickolas, another attendee, has come down with a cold and a fever. Last night, T was coughing and woke up asking for a kleenex and claiming, "Its running in my nose, mama. I need a kleenex"


So far, I think we're OK, but only time will tell.

A marvelous plan was made in the stars,
to create a miracle across the ocean so far....
Then entwine and weave all the hopes and labor,
it would take to bring us this joy called "Taylor"....
Now three lives are blessed and somewhere in the stars,
the planners are smiling, as we all are.

Taylor's Gal Pals

How Long We've Been a Family: