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Saturday, October 27, 2012

GS Halloween Party!

The party was a HUGE success.   As some of you may know, T was dressing up as Medusa.   In anticipation thereof, I thought it would be appropriate for her to have crazy curly hair.   Of course,  Taylor's beautiful shiny black hair is straight as an arrow, and doesn't really hold much of a curl.  So, I figured....

Hair curlers!

Off we went to CVS, and found spongy "hair rags".  The curlers were all too big.   I also searched the store for some Dippity Do, to make sure the curls held.  Much to my dismay, dippity do is not for sale there.  

As we were leaving the section, I spied the head gear.   For most of my life, my mom wore one of these satin shower caps to bed.   Either over her curlers or over her hairdo, as she insisted it kept it from getting messed up.   It was only in her later years that she stopped wearing them.   So, I got one for T.  She was VERY excited...

I'm happy to report that her hair turned out great.  Of course, the curls immediately started falling, but none the less stayed wavy all night.   We sprayed her with hot pink color and gold glitter and she was good to go.

Meanwhile, I dressed up as a vampire victim.   Black dress, white make up, red lipstick drooling blood, and two red dots on my neck completed the look.  I also found my bats headband , which I thought nicely completed the look.    Some crazy make up for T and me, and we were done!

Finally, our first guest arrived.  A sweet butterfly from T's class. 

The party itself was lots of fun.   I had the girls sing halloween carols, which  are basically xmas songs with halloween words, we played pin the nose on the pumpkin, Boogo (halloween Bingo), bobbed for apples, threw sticky plastic spiders at a web like darts, and made halloween masks with one of those foam craft kits.

The hit of the night was the bobbing for apples and also pinning the nose on the pumpkin. 

Everybody left by around 11:00. 

Dot and I dove into bed, exhausted from all the fun.  

Now, onto the main event on Wednesday!  Happy Boo day everybody!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween Party

As you may have figured out, I've been kind of busy around here.   Dot has been out in Idaho, coming back for a Saturday and returning on sunday.   Plus....I've been in full party planning mode.  We're having a GS Halloween Party on Friday.   Its a teacher work day, and I've taken the day off.  

The girls will come in costume.  I'm going to try and pull together a witch or vampira costume for me.  Black dress, scary make up , crazy hair.  that about does it.

We'll be having pin the nose on the pumpkin, bobbing for apples, halloween bingo, mask decorating, yummy food and drinks.   Should be a fun time.

Between girl scouts and school, November is going to be chock full of fun (read:  exhausting) events what with the holidays coming, T's carnival, etc.

I'm vowing to post more.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I Survived....by the skin of my teeth!!

Well, I'm happy to report that I survived, with no serious injuries.  Physically.

Mentally?   I'm not so sure. 

I can say it was not as bad as I was anticipating.   I met some really wonderful women and learned quite a bit from them.   My lunch went over fabulously.   I brought ham and turkey.  Squeeze mayo and mustard.  Cheese and bread, and also some prepared salads.

Part of my duties was to bring some foil.   I was in target and found it on sale 2 for 1.   I looked, found the Reynolds Wrap, and found the box that said non-stick.  My sissy raves about the foil that is non stick.   I must say I love it too.   My cheese from my pizza slices NEVER stick to the foil in my toaster oven.  Its the best.

Well.  Who knew that Reynolds Wrap makes something other than tin foil??   I certainly didn't. I mean, I call foil Reynolds Wrap...no matter who makes it.   apparently, they also make some BS item called pan lining.   Its foil with paper on the back, that one apparently lines casserole dishes when they have no teflon.

I can't tell you the crazy looks and jokes made at my expense.   I figure that's what they get for assigning that task to the non-cook.   Luckily, another woman in our group brought some too.

I'm also the woman who jumped up screaming and hitting myself to "get the bug off", when we were sitting around the camp fire.   Um, there was no bug to be found.   It was the end of the rope wrapped around my waist that was tickling me.

I'm also the woman who started yelling, who's got the bug spray, when a HUGE spider was hanging over some of the women's heads as we sat at a pic nic table.   Um, apparently another huge no no.  Bug spray is apparently not allowed at camps.  

The bug world, however, got their revenge.   Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a major phobia with roaches.   If there is a palmetto bug around, it will gravitate to me.   ALWAYS. 

As we all were laying around in our bunk beds in our air conditioned cabins, someone noticed a palmetto bug on the ceiling.   It, of course, started heading toward me.    Where else would it head??

I jumpted and ran to the bathroom screaming, while the other ladies dealt with it.   Of course, it ran...right into my bed.   ICK!!

Long time later and after stripping my bed of its bedclothes, the roach was finally killed. 

this was at midnight.  

I got no sleep for the rest of the night.   I was too traumatized from the frickin palmetto bug.  Because as we all know....where there's one,   there's 10.  

After 2 hours sleep, we could finally wake up, eat breakfast, and head home.

Mission Accomplished.  

I am now camp-certified.   I think our first camp out will be my house, followed by some other inside venue, followed perhaps by Disney's fort wilderness, where they will pitch the tent for you, man the camp fire for you, and deliver pizza if you wish...not room service, but rather tent service.

Just my speed!! 

A marvelous plan was made in the stars,
to create a miracle across the ocean so far....
Then entwine and weave all the hopes and labor,
it would take to bring us this joy called "Taylor"....
Now three lives are blessed and somewhere in the stars,
the planners are smiling, as we all are.

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