Welcome 2nd Grade!!

No more sleeping late for us! It's back to school time!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Quick Catch Up

Well now, its been a real long time since I've blogged.  Much has gone on, so I'll do some quick bullets to catch everyone (or two) up:

  • We had thanksgiving at my house this year.   Right after eating, I took my dad to the ER.  Why?  Well, on the monday before he had fallen 3 times at home.  The last time, he hurt his shoulder.  It wasn't getting any better.  We suspected (correctly it turns out) that it was broken.  When I watched him trying to climb the 3 steps into my house, I realized he couldn't and needed help.   We had to literally pick up his knee to raise his foot to the next highest step.  The day before all the falls, he had no problem lifting his foot to climb his 5 steps into his house.  I suspected (correctly) that he had suffered another stoke.   MRI confirms.  Doc says that the stroke was in an area in the brain that often affects vision.  I suspect that he was in the bathroom, suffered the stroke, lost some or all vision, became disoriented, fell and could not brace himself as he fell as he couldn't see, therefore breaking his shoulder.  Luckily, his vision has returned.   He is now in a nursing home for 100 days, getting physical therapy.

  • Taylor had her Christmas show at school.  It was cute, but I could barely see her as they had her in the back.  Despite the risers, you still couldn't really see T as she's so short. Bummer.

  • With my dad in the nursing home, we took the opportunity to take a quick family vacation to Disney.  Me, my sissy, and Taylor had not been on a family vacation together in 3 years, since my mom fell and broke her hip.  Someone always had to stay in town in case something went wrong.   With my dad taken care of in the nursing home, we were free to take a quick trip.   My sissy sprung for the Polynesian Hotel at Disney.  That was her surprise christmas gift to us.  We had never stayed there in the past b/c its so pricey.  She claims to have gotten a really good rate.   I must say, that hotel ROCKED!  What fun we had at the pool, that had its own volcano mountain with a water slide inside.  T continuously slid down the slide.  Over.  and over. and over. and over.   Dot and I continuously hit the bar.  Over. and Over. and Over.   No need to worry about driving, as we just had to hop the monorail to go to the parks.    I am so totally spoiled now. 

  • We had haircutting, and T made the earth-shattering decision to let her bangs grow out.   I'm getting her elastic headbands, about 2 inches wide, to keep her bangs out of her eyes as this slow process progresses.  Stay tuned for some cute pictures of T with a forehead.

  • Bought myself a Kindle Fire.  Its like an Ipad but cheaper.  LOVE IT!

  • I had a bizarre pain last friday night, that seemed to be located in the area between my boobs, and  the area below my boobs but above my belly button.  Because I'm so fat and out of shape and of a "certain age" and riddled with stress, I was worried it might actually be a heart attack.  Off to the Urgent care center we went, who sent us to the Hospital ER.  All tests were negative, but they admitted me anyway for observation just to be sure.  Also, to do a nifty CAT  scan after injecting me with iodine.  Pictures show my heart is absolutely perfect with no blockage.   What a relief.  I didn't think it would be my heart as despite my out of shape status, I tend to have low blood pressure and low cholesterol...despite a lifetime of eating steak, potatoes, and butter.  The pain went away as I was in the ER, and never returned.  Maybe it was my gall bladder, maybe it was some other type of GI issue.   Who knows.  If it ever happens again, I guess I'll hunt up a GI doc for further testing.  I'm just glad to know its not my heart.

  • I'm behind on my Christmas shopping.  Have gotten stuff for T but no one else.  Big sigh.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

So much to say, so little time...

 I've got lots of catching up to do on this ol' blog.  Even though I doubt anyone other than my aunt and cousin ever tune in here.

Featured here is a pic of the beginnings of our elf costume.  GS will be in the City of South Miami Parade of Elves on 12/2.  Found the cute tights are target today for 4 bucks.  (Her elf hat from Oriental trading has yet to be delivered.)


I'll work on a big  post to catch everyone up in the coming days.


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Friday, November 2, 2012

Trick or Treating

we did our usual trick or treating with our friends the Ps.   T is always thrilled to hang with the big girls...

Can you believe that we went to a house, wherein an odd man answered the door.   Though unvoiced at the time, that little voice in my head was saying...that guys wierd.  The kids came running back to the street from his front door and announced what they received...

Cough drops.   On the bright side, they were individually wrapped cough drops, but they were still frickin' cough drops!!!!!


I can't help but wonder...did the guy run out of candy and thought cough drops taste so good that they are a good substitute for candy?  

Did her never have candy and was just giving out the drops??? 

 If he ran out of candy, he couldn't think to give out a few pennies instead??? 

 If he ran out of candy or never had candy, he couldn't think to turn off the damned lights and just not answer the door???

Needless to say, the cough drops were confiscated by the moms and dumped. 

Too bad I didn't have a cold that night, I would have been set!

Halloween at School

T's crazy school does not celebrate Halloween, per se.   Instead, they have a "fall festival".  All the kids, except for the littlest, dress as farmers.   They bring in decorated pumpkins, canned food for migrant workers, long sleeve shirt for migrant workers, and proceed to celebrate the whole day.

Here's farmer Taylor...

And here are the decorated pumpkins....

Saturday, October 27, 2012

GS Halloween Party!

The party was a HUGE success.   As some of you may know, T was dressing up as Medusa.   In anticipation thereof, I thought it would be appropriate for her to have crazy curly hair.   Of course,  Taylor's beautiful shiny black hair is straight as an arrow, and doesn't really hold much of a curl.  So, I figured....

Hair curlers!

Off we went to CVS, and found spongy "hair rags".  The curlers were all too big.   I also searched the store for some Dippity Do, to make sure the curls held.  Much to my dismay, dippity do is not for sale there.  

As we were leaving the section, I spied the head gear.   For most of my life, my mom wore one of these satin shower caps to bed.   Either over her curlers or over her hairdo, as she insisted it kept it from getting messed up.   It was only in her later years that she stopped wearing them.   So, I got one for T.  She was VERY excited...

I'm happy to report that her hair turned out great.  Of course, the curls immediately started falling, but none the less stayed wavy all night.   We sprayed her with hot pink color and gold glitter and she was good to go.

Meanwhile, I dressed up as a vampire victim.   Black dress, white make up, red lipstick drooling blood, and two red dots on my neck completed the look.  I also found my bats headband , which I thought nicely completed the look.    Some crazy make up for T and me, and we were done!

Finally, our first guest arrived.  A sweet butterfly from T's class. 

The party itself was lots of fun.   I had the girls sing halloween carols, which  are basically xmas songs with halloween words, we played pin the nose on the pumpkin, Boogo (halloween Bingo), bobbed for apples, threw sticky plastic spiders at a web like darts, and made halloween masks with one of those foam craft kits.

The hit of the night was the bobbing for apples and also pinning the nose on the pumpkin. 

Everybody left by around 11:00. 

Dot and I dove into bed, exhausted from all the fun.  

Now, onto the main event on Wednesday!  Happy Boo day everybody!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween Party

As you may have figured out, I've been kind of busy around here.   Dot has been out in Idaho, coming back for a Saturday and returning on sunday.   Plus....I've been in full party planning mode.  We're having a GS Halloween Party on Friday.   Its a teacher work day, and I've taken the day off.  

The girls will come in costume.  I'm going to try and pull together a witch or vampira costume for me.  Black dress, scary make up , crazy hair.  that about does it.

We'll be having pin the nose on the pumpkin, bobbing for apples, halloween bingo, mask decorating, yummy food and drinks.   Should be a fun time.

Between girl scouts and school, November is going to be chock full of fun (read:  exhausting) events what with the holidays coming, T's carnival, etc.

I'm vowing to post more.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I Survived....by the skin of my teeth!!

Well, I'm happy to report that I survived, with no serious injuries.  Physically.

Mentally?   I'm not so sure. 

I can say it was not as bad as I was anticipating.   I met some really wonderful women and learned quite a bit from them.   My lunch went over fabulously.   I brought ham and turkey.  Squeeze mayo and mustard.  Cheese and bread, and also some prepared salads.

Part of my duties was to bring some foil.   I was in target and found it on sale 2 for 1.   I looked, found the Reynolds Wrap, and found the box that said non-stick.  My sissy raves about the foil that is non stick.   I must say I love it too.   My cheese from my pizza slices NEVER stick to the foil in my toaster oven.  Its the best.

Well.  Who knew that Reynolds Wrap makes something other than tin foil??   I certainly didn't. I mean, I call foil Reynolds Wrap...no matter who makes it.   apparently, they also make some BS item called pan lining.   Its foil with paper on the back, that one apparently lines casserole dishes when they have no teflon.

I can't tell you the crazy looks and jokes made at my expense.   I figure that's what they get for assigning that task to the non-cook.   Luckily, another woman in our group brought some too.

I'm also the woman who jumped up screaming and hitting myself to "get the bug off", when we were sitting around the camp fire.   Um, there was no bug to be found.   It was the end of the rope wrapped around my waist that was tickling me.

I'm also the woman who started yelling, who's got the bug spray, when a HUGE spider was hanging over some of the women's heads as we sat at a pic nic table.   Um, apparently another huge no no.  Bug spray is apparently not allowed at camps.  

The bug world, however, got their revenge.   Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a major phobia with roaches.   If there is a palmetto bug around, it will gravitate to me.   ALWAYS. 

As we all were laying around in our bunk beds in our air conditioned cabins, someone noticed a palmetto bug on the ceiling.   It, of course, started heading toward me.    Where else would it head??

I jumpted and ran to the bathroom screaming, while the other ladies dealt with it.   Of course, it ran...right into my bed.   ICK!!

Long time later and after stripping my bed of its bedclothes, the roach was finally killed. 

this was at midnight.  

I got no sleep for the rest of the night.   I was too traumatized from the frickin palmetto bug.  Because as we all know....where there's one,   there's 10.  

After 2 hours sleep, we could finally wake up, eat breakfast, and head home.

Mission Accomplished.  

I am now camp-certified.   I think our first camp out will be my house, followed by some other inside venue, followed perhaps by Disney's fort wilderness, where they will pitch the tent for you, man the camp fire for you, and deliver pizza if you wish...not room service, but rather tent service.

Just my speed!! 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Planning for camping

Well, I went to the camp planning meeting.    We broke up into teams of 6 or 7 to plan for our big camp out.  Of course, we will be at Camp Choee, which is GS camping lite.   We will be camping in cbs block cabins, complete with cots, mattresses, and a/c.   I'm thrilled.  Plus, bathrooms are in the cabins.  No tromping across the camp at night, dodging all sort of crazed creatures like foxes, raccoons, and armadillos.  

I'm thrilled.

I'm twice thrilled b/c I was assigned lunch.   The group voted for sandwiches.  So, I'm in charge of bringing all the fixings and preparing the sandwiches.   Perfect!   If the GS teachers insist, I supposed I can attempt to toast the bread over the fire, but I don't think that's required.

I, of course, said instead of me schlepping all  the fixings down to the camp...why don't I just pick up subway already prepared.   Well, that caused the GS teachers to spontaneously huddle up in a conference, come to our table and announce that my ingenous idea of picking up subway defeats the point of the training...which is planning the meal and remembering to bring the required stuff to prepare it. 


I think my team is very clever volunteering me for the non-cook meal.   They did that themselves without me pushing the idea.  

The camp out is not this weekend, but next.   I need to buy a bandana for the experience, and a dunk bag to hold my plate cup and utensils.  

They also announced that no alcohol is allowed.  Hmm.  I'm not a Florida Gator for nothing.  I've snuck more booze into more places than they can imagine.   I'm thinking some baileys, kahlua based drink for the end of the night, to make us sleep soundly. If anyone asks, I'll just claim its iced coffee. 

There is an ice machine at the camp.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

On the mend...

Well, I'm happy to say that I'm on the mend.   I've been self medicating with drugs I had in the house.   Taking what was prescribed for me when I was having problems with discs in my neck.   Its worked like a charm so far with my lower back disc.   I was walking w/o the walker by late wednesday.  

I was able to go to a girl scout meeting on thursday night.  Luckily, I had a friend scheduled to come to lead the meeting, so i just had to walk to the scout house, sit in a chair, and walk back to the car.   The other moms help cart around my stuff for me.   I survived, but it was a very dicey thing. I probably should not have gone, but all was already arranged. 

 I used the walker the rest of the night at home, popped more meds, and watched the presidents speech at the DNC.  That's right, anyone who knows me, knows I was drinking the Koolaid, inhaling the smoke of all that was the glorty of the democratic convention.  Took the time to read the actual GOP platform online, and once again reaffirmed my conviction that I am a die-hard democrat. NOT. EVEN. CLOSE.   My sign's in the yard, my bumperstickers are on my car, and I'm hoping everyday for 4 more years.   End of political content!

Monday I'm off to work.  It will be interesting to see how long I last.  

Meanwhile, T had a ball at the GS meeting.  It was the first real meeting of the year.   We earned the painting badge.   Close readers of this blog no I am no artist.  So, I had my friend Jodie come in.  She gave a quick lecture on styles of painting and different applications, then the girls got dirty.  Literally.

First, we made puffy paint.   That is paint made with shaving cream, elmers glue, and food coloring.  Classic girl scout endeavor.   The girls were thrilled and used the concoction to create a color, to paint a mood.   I was laughing.   As soon as the shaving cream came out all the moms jumped up to do it for the girls.  I had to caution them, telling them to let the girls do it themselves.  That's the fun of it right?   I'm happy to report there were no impromptu shaving cream fights.  

then, the girls practiced painting with things other than paint.   q-tips, straws, cotton balls, sponges, etc.  

Lastly, the girls used watercolors to paint a picture on canvass boards I got them.  Like real artists.   They did great!

A quick snack and we were out the door by 8:00 p.m.  

Badge Earned!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

No news is not good news

Nope, this time no news means I threw my back out today.   Bent down to move a pillow in my chair before I sat down, and felt a big pain in my back.   This seems a bit different than all the other times, as it hurts more.  Praying that it eases up soon, as i ahve a girl scout meeting on thursday.   Hope I don't have to cancel that!

Luckily, it happened this week and not next, when dot is out of town for 2 weeks.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Taj Mahal of Utility Rooms....and hurricanes.

Have I mentioned that I have the frickin' Taj Mahal of utility rooms?   As I mentioned my new dryer was delivered on Friday.   To get the thing in and connected, we had to take out the washer and also the utility sink.   Once the room was emptied...I started thinking that this would be an ideal time to paint.  I mean really, once everything was put back, I suspect it would be another 15 years before everything was out again.   So I had a spare can of khaki green paint laying around.  I had bought it when we were re'doing my parent's kitchen.   I slapped that paint on the walls and I LOVE it!  All I want to do is stand in my tiny utility room and stare.
In other news, we've been dodging raindrops today in anticipation of Isaac.  Woke up this morning and it seemed to be coming right at us.  We broke into action filling up our cars and putting up and/or closing our shutters.   We also went over the closed the shutters at my dad's house.   The plan is for us to go over there tomorrow, and probably sleep there.   He has a nasty habit of wanting to go out in the hurricane to "fix" things.   We'll be over there to help keep that from happening.  Luckily, he has cable and not satellite, so we will have TV all storm long. 
So, we're hoping for the best.  T had the age-old hurricane prep dinner of ice cream.  Gotta eat it all up before it melts.   We'll be taking some vanilla over to my dads, along with some jamaican rum.   I'm thinking I'll be partaking of a spiked milk shake.  Haven't had one of those since my days in G'ville and the Chelsea street pub. 
Stay dry everyone!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

First day of Second Grade!

 How in the world did I forget to post about the first day of school???  T decided to wear her skirt, a new addition to the uniform.   Luckily, its actually a skort which is a good thing for modesty's sake.

T has taken to doing cartwheels...in all places all the time.   She will be walking here or there, doesn't really matter where, and break into a few cartwheels.   The skort means that her plaid bottoms don't end up around her ears.

T is very happy with her teacher, and the students in her class. 
In other news, my dryer died.   I can't complain.  My dad bought the thing 15 years ago from the jewish thrift store.   It was about 10 to 15 years old then.  Paid about 50 bucks for it.   It didn't work.   50 bucks later and a new belt, and the thing has been working great for the last 15 years...until the other day.  It was a maytag!   So, today I went out to Se@ars and bought a new one.    Kenmore Elite.   Very new fangled.   I also got one of those pedastal drawers to raise the thing about 15 inches, which is HUGE for anyone with a bad back.   The thing gets delivered tomorrow.     I'm very interested to see if this one, which cost SUBSTANTIALLY more money than 120 bucks, will last 25 to 30 years.   I'm hoping for 8  :(

Here's T in her new classroom.  We were there bright and early, so there weren't too many kids in class.   Typical with that age, the boys and girls were sitting separately by their own choice.   Too bad that doesn't last through jr high.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Olympic Fever

Not much to report, other than I've caught olympic fever, and I'm dragging ass all day b/c I've been up all damned night watching the games.  

We're going to start some serious sleep training next week in anticipation for school starting.   We've gotten very lazy over the summer staying up late and sleeping in.  Oh how its going to hurt getting her to school by 8 a.m.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Breaking Blog News!!!!

Oh my word....I just learned that the modern dance portion is not modern dance at all.....IT'S BATON!!!!

Now I'm going to have to stress over whether she'll drop the thing or not.  

How do these Olympic moms do it???

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Costume Craze

Well, T's end of year camp show is Friday nite.  I received a list of what she is to wear.  There are apparently FOUR segments to this year's show, each with a different costume. 

First, there is modeling.  They are instructed to wear anything representative of any country, preferably their country of origin or descent.  We dove into the basket of chinese clothes I had purchased while in china, and came out with a gorgeous chinese silk dress in a turquoise color.

Next, is modern dance.   The girls are to wear shorts, tshirt and black close-toed shoes. Preferably in neon colors.  Seriously?  Neon colors??  Clearly, the camp counselors didn't live through the first neon craze of circa 1984.  I vowed never to purchase anything neon again.   Yet...there I was a target on my lunch hour, scouring the kids department for neon.   Much to my surpise, there it was.   Neon pink shorts, with neon orange patent belt, with a neon green cute  cropped T.   I must say, a skinny little 7  yr old looks soooo much cuter in neon than a pudgy college girl.

Third, is the flamenco.  Close readers of this blog may recall that my little chinese gringa girl stole the show and was named the "Spanish Rose" for her flamenco skills at the age of 5.  The girls are to wear a black tank top, leggings of any color, and a coin belt.   I got T black leggings and had no idea what a coin belt was.   Its a scarf that wraps around the hips, with lots of coins hanging off it.  Belly dancers wear it.  So does Shakira.   I plugged "coin belt" into the amazon search engine and there it was for less than 10 bucks.   SCORE!!!!  T chose pink.  It was delivered the next day. 

Lastly, there is cheerleading.  T won the prize for the best cheerleader last year.   I doubt she will win again this year, as she is in a show with the older girls, aged 7 - 13.  The costume is her camp tshirt and shorts.  

So, there you are.   T is so excited she can't stand it.  I must admit so am I.  I'll try and get video.  Only problem is, its hard to watch the show when filming.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Red Cross Certified

Well, on saturday my friend Marie ( a junior GS leader) and I (the new Brownie GS leader) spent the day getting first aid and cpr certified.  It was literally an ALL DAY EVENT.  Quite the intensive course with lots of information.   I'm good for 3 years.   After all I learned, I feel like I could open a MASH unit in my back yard, and have been humming Suicide is Painless for the past 2 days.

For those of you who are annoyingly YOUNG, that was the name of the theme song from MASH, which was a hugely popular show in the 70's and 80's.  With the completion of this class, I am almost a fully-certified leader.   All that's left to learn is camp training.  

I'm dreading it.

And when they say camp training, they mean camp training.   I will literally have to camp overnight at Camp Mahatchee.  That's the girl scout camp down on old cutler road, known for its scorpions and rustic camping atmosphere. I.e. no cabins or a/c.    While I enjoyed the camp at the age of 10, something tells me it will leave alot to be desired at 46.  That's scheduled in the beginning of October.

And yes, I'll be pitching tents, learning to build camp fires, learn to cook on a camp fire, a bunson burner and a BBQ, and learn other camping skills.   Since I can barely cook on an electric stove, this should prove to be interesting.  

Can't we just have domino's deliver?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Kid had a Ball!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Marlins Maniac

T's camp is going on a field trip tomorrow to Marlins Stadium, to see a game.  This will be the first professional sports game T has ever seen.  She put in a special request for a bb hat.  So, off I went today in search thereof...
...And what a cute bb hat I found!  Is this cute, or what??

T is VERY excited.  Apparently, tomorrow is camp day at the park.  I've heard from parents all over Dade and Broward counties, that their kid will be there, too.
T has already requested to wear her jean skirt w sequin hearts on it, and her hair in a pony tail, that can stick out the hole in the back of the hat.  She's been busy all night playing BB on the Wii game.

Batter Up!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Where'd the Weekend Go??

That's what I've been asking myself all evening. I suspect I'll be asking in a week or so, "Where the hell did the summer go?"

I'm happy to report that we are pretty much ready for the new school year...which starts on 8/20. T's uniforms have been purchased. We have new shoes and sneakers. We just scored  some snazzy looking school supplies at t@rget. Lots of pink, purple and turquoise folders, notebooks, pencil holders.

And...I've just ordered her new rolling backpack and lunch box.  T chose a purple paisley print from potterybarn Teen.  (apparently no more pottery barn kid for us...boo hoo!)   I was particularly thrilled with her selection, as I'm certain this will hide the dirt much better than her previous ones did.

We're set for the 2nd grade!!!!

Now, we just need to work on T's penmenship when writing "u"'s . You'll see fairly quickly why I say that, when you see the picture (that I'm about to post) from a card she drew and pinned up on the 5 Guys billboard. Oy.

Friday, June 29, 2012

T is Lovin' Camp

Can't tell you how much T is lovin' camp.  She's dancing.  She's cheering.  She's doing routines with the baton.  And she's going on field trips.  At least once a week they are off to the movies.  Then, there is usually some type of other event during  the week, in addition to the general reacreational things. 

Today she went to the venetian pool with the camp.  She had a ball.  She was planning for it all week.  Had to get a new target swim suit for the occasion.  She was insisting on a bikini..which I ban her from wearing to camp.  Call me old fashioned, but I'm sorry.  No kid needs to be running around the school yard and sliding down slides in a bikini.   Oh, how my youth is coming back to haunt me.  Of course, I was having these fights w my mom when I was 10.  T is just 7.  So, we compromised with a tankini.  That's a bikini, but the top has extra material that covers the stomach/torso area. 

Of  course, as with any field trip, the camp insists that the children wear their camp tshirt.  T wore hers too.  But over her swim cover up, which was over her swim suit.  She packed flip flops in her back pack to change into when they went to the pool at 1:00 p.m.  I just know as soon as I dropped her off, she changed her shoes.   Seriously...is this kid in second grade or 12th grade?  Sigh. 

On the agenda for the month of july.... a pirate ship cruise, a marlins game, lots more movies, and a camp olympics.

Why don't they have camp for adults?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Camp has begun!

Well, I've been terribly remiss in my blogging.  Been a bit busy.   I have a trial that is supposed to start on monday, and have been feverishly preparing for it.   Of course, just got word today that he is having some type of surgical procedure today, the recovery of which supposedly is going to interfere with the defense's preparation of the case, so they may be moving for a continuance.  Sigh. 

Story of my life.  Hurry up and get ready, then nothing.   I'll find out when it will be continued to...days or weeks in the future...on Monday.  So, I have to continue to prepare.

In other news, one of my oldest friends was in town with her family this past weekend.   We hung out and went to the venetian pool.  T had a fabulous time playing and swimming with the three kids.  I got a bit of a sunburn while lazing around on my lawn chair.

Somehow, all of T's sandals are getting too small.   Had to go looking for some new ones, and only scored one pair in all the mall.  T is just starting to enter into kid sizes from toddler sizes.  She's just about a size 13, which is very difficult to find, apparently.   Plus, I find at many of the stores, the selection is not as great. 

Lastly, summer camp has started.  T is very excited and is having lots of fun.  They have already been to the movies, and they are scheduled to go bowling on friday.  T announced that she won the dance contest this week, and scored a lollipop.  So for the moment, all is right in her world.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Goodbye First Grade

Well, that was quick.   Blinked my eyes twice, turned around once, and first grade is officially over.   Today is the last day of school.   The kids will be released at 11:00 a.m. today.  They are also going to have  a pizza party.
The plan is that T will go to the same summer camp she's been at for the last 2 years.  Its at her school and she likes it alot. Just as important to me, its safe and the cheapest thing going in town.  Once could spend a fortune on summer camps.  Its crazy.

So, we shall spend the next 2 months playing, having fun, and slowly preparing for....


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bridging from Daisies to Brownies

Our big bridging ceremony was on Wednesday night.  10 little girls officially became Brownie Girl Scouts.  I made little bouquets of flowers for each of the girls.   The three girls who were remaining Daisies, presented them to the girl that was bridging.

 Then, each girl would walk across a little bridge that a girl scout dad made in previous years.   We keep it stored in the scout house, which is owned by the boy scouts.     Everyone was quite annoyed when we hauled the thing out that evening, only to discover that the idiotic boy scouts had labeled the thing with our troop number...on the frong of the bridge.

So screws up all the photos!
Then, since I'm the new brownie leader, I was standing on the brownie side of the bridge.   The girl would change out of her blue daisy vest, and don the brown brownie vest, and pose for a picture.

Taylor is officially a BROWNIE GIRL SCOUT! 
        HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Daisies visit the Museam of Science and Planetarium

The daisy girl scouts had a fab time today learning all about the planets and stars.

 And also had the opportunity to pet baby sting rays.   None of the scouts had the nerve.  I dangled my fingers in the stinky water, but lost my nerve.   Finally, an older sister mustered up the nerve.  She reports that they do not feel like sand paper.  The are slimey feeling. 

I could have told her that!
 Our favorite part was the birds of prey show, where we saw a bald eagle, the type indiginous to florida.   Apparently, this bird caught the avian pox when young, and the mom bird booted it out of its nest, breaking its wing.  It will never fly and would die in the wild. 
 So instead, its going to live out its life posing for little boys and girls, and teaching them all about wild birds.

Beautiful, huh?

This bird is fully grown, but small compared to bald eagles found in the north and the west.
We also got to see an owl, up close and personal.

Fun times.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Still Here

Yes, we are still here, and slowly adjusting to our new normal without my sweet mom.   Its strange.   I spent so much time stressing and thinking about what she might need in taking care of her, that I have to change my way of thinking now that she's gone.   Walking though Target was bizarre.  But, I'm back a work. Having T around helps tremendously.  Because, of course, life does go on. 

Of course we still have my dad, who needs care now will will only require more in the future.  But he's just one.  Not two.  He's not adjusting too well to my mom's death.  But at least he's allowing the aide to remain...who we have renamed "the housekeeper", as he insists that he needs no help or aide for himself.

So, things are winding down at school.  There are only three more weeks left before summer camp starts.  Hard to believe.   This weekend we have a Daisy Girl Scout Planetarium and Museum of Science tour.   After that, we have our bridging ceremony wherein about 1/2 of the troop, 6 girls will bridge over and become girl scout brownies.  

Since our leader just had a baby on May 1, she announced months ago that she would be unable to lead the brownies.   If you could see a picture of me right now, you might be wondering what letters appear to be tatooed on my forehead.  The would be S-U-C-K-E-R. 

Yes, that's right.   You heard it hear first.   I am going to be the new brownie girl scout troop leader.   No one else was volunteering, and I had decided that I needed to live my life and not have it solely revolve around caring for my parents.   Unfortunatley for me, turns out I was right.

So, I've been working on a blog for the troop.  Making up recruitment flyers, and otherwise thinking about the coming year.   I think it will be fun.  

Life goes on, right?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Its a shiner!

 And growing more colorful everyday!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Got a call this afternoon from school that T fell on the playground.  didn't even cry.   Bammed her head above the eye.  They applied ice.   I noticed tonight that its all swollen.  I foresee her first black eye in the very near future.

Wacky Tacky Tuesday

Today was Wacky Tacky Tuesday at T's school.  I think we hit the mark!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

View GERALDINE JORDAN's Obituary by The Miami Herald

GERALDINE TAYLOR JORDAN Obituary: View GERALDINE JORDAN's Obituary by The Miami Herald

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Geraldine Taylor Jordan, 1925 - 2012

Today at 230 in the afternoon, I got a call my my mom's aide that she had died.  She was fine this morning and even in the late morning.  Ico gave my dad some lunch, saw him blow a kiss to my mom and she responded by blowing a kiss to him with her lips. The aide went downstairs to do some laundry.  When she came back upstairs, my mom had died.  No one had realized it when it was happening, it was that quick. 

She always said that in her next life, she was going to come back as a lady cop and a tap dancer.  Said if ever I called my next witness and a lady cop came tap dancing up the courtroom aisle, I'd know it was her. 

Guess I'll have to start looking for that.  I miss her already. 

I love you, Mama.


Friday, April 27, 2012

CSI LIttle Havana

So, I'm awakened from a deep sleep by a noise that sounded like a bang similar to the noise my kitchen cabinets make when closing.   I thought that was wierd but figured it might be my old house settling or perhaps my a/c.

A short time passed and I heard it again.   Time passed then again.   That voice in my head was saying something was wrong, but I convinced myself (correctly) that no one could be inside  as my alarm didn't go off.

Then my alarm blew. 

I turned on lights,  didn't see anything in my L/R, got T and brought her into my room, locked the door and called 911.   Within minutes, a platoon of City of Miami Police officers were at my house and a perimeter was set up.

Not quite sure of the circumstances, but one suspect was found within the perimeter.   Gloves were recovered along with his cell phone.

After my house was secured, crime scene went to work because of this:

Yes, that is in fact a crowbar wedged into my window at the back of my house.  No prints recovered, but DNA was obtained.   If they can match it to the guy in custody, he will be arrested for my case.   Right now he's under arrest for loitering and prowling/trespass due to where he was arrested.

He never made it into my house, except perhaps a hand as he raised the window.

Right now I'm thanking god that I set my alarm.  I'm also thinking about shopping for some really strong solid wood doors for the bedrooms.   The thought of only my cheap, hollow, basically cardboard doors between T and I and a threat was not comforting at all.

Needless to say,  I've been up since it happened.

Friday, April 20, 2012


Well, what's new around here?   I've been itching so bad you'd a thunk I'd been bit by a swarm of skeeters.  No just the onset of my first real allergy.   At the ripe old age of 47, after over 30 years of eating shrimp (my mom in no  way liked seafood but discovered popcorn shrimp in my late teens), I believe I'm allergic. 

It all started Tuesday night when I heated up some leftover shrimp pasta that Dot had made.   about 30 minutes or so later I realized I was itchy.   I thought I must be peeling from the sunburn I got last week at the venetian pool, but realized I'm not peeling.   The itching just kept getting worse and worse, and I had a strange tingling around my lips. 

Took a benadryll to no avail.  Visited the doc in the afternoon and scored some perscription drugs,  the itching eased but no right away.  Its now mostly gone, but not 100%.  I'm now in search of an allergist to determine what the allergy is to.  I remain convinced it was the shrimp.

Boo hoo.   No more costco shrimp salad.  No more shrimp cocktail.  No more spicy shrimp from the Sakaya Kitchen. 

 I'm distraught.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Venetian Pool

After our dr appointment on wednesday, we headed out to the IHOP for an 11 a.m. breakfast.  Here's T goofing around eating her pancakes.  Given my shot nerves, we went back home where T decided to camp out in the living room.  

As you can see from the mess, she spent the whole afternoon, evening, and night on the couch's pull out bed.  About the only thing she didn't do in bed was eat dinner.  

We woke up bright and early on Thursday and headed out to the venetian pool in coral gables.   It was built in 1924 out of a rock quarry and is fed by an underground spring.  Its absolutely gorgeous.   This area you see here by the tower is perfect for little kids.  Its only about 2 feet deep, and T had a ball playing with the beachballs that they had out for everyone.

This shallow area is separated from the rest of the pool by a rock island, where I set up my lounge chair.  You got to the island from a bridge from the tower.  

 The rest of the pool is huge.  I didn't even get pics of the whole thing it was so big.  Its surrounded by waterfalls and coral caves.  Out by the falls here the pool gets to be 8 feet deep.
The dark spot you see between the two men is an entrance to one of the caves.  With public school in session, there were not alot of people there, and we thoroughly enjoyed the day.   T made fast friends with a boy her age, and they had lots of fun hitting the ball back and forth between the two and having "hold your breath" contests.  We left in the late afternoon and I'm sporting the first sunburn I've had in years.
I can't believe that our week of fun is almost over.   I'm not sure where the time went and wish we had another week as well.   Not sure what we will do tomorrow.  I'll have to search the internet to figure out what to do. 

A marvelous plan was made in the stars,
to create a miracle across the ocean so far....
Then entwine and weave all the hopes and labor,
it would take to bring us this joy called "Taylor"....
Now three lives are blessed and somewhere in the stars,
the planners are smiling, as we all are.

Taylor's Gal Pals

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