Welcome 2nd Grade!!

No more sleeping late for us! It's back to school time!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Heaven Doesn't Know What's About To Hit It!

Yes, that's right.  Heaven has abosultely no idea what fun and games are about to break loose up there, now that the 3 Taylor girls  are roaming around the place.  Add in their bald-headed baby brother and Aunt Nell and I can hear the laughter already. 
Unfortunately for us, we got word this morning that my sweet Aunt Connie died last night in Connecticut.  She was a month shy of her 90th birthday.   She was doing great at year ago at my mom's funeral.  Drove herself down from Broward to attend.   Unfortunately, she fell and injured her leg a few times, and it never quite healed as it should.  She was moved up to connecticut to be with her son and his family in December.  Was admitted into a nursing home for rehab shortly thereafter but never quite bounced back.  We shall miss her greatly.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

still here

yep, I'm still here.

been busy.

Its been girl scout cookie selling season.   My troop has been involved the last 3 weekends in selling cookies outside Publix and Walgreens.   I'm happy to report that we are officially SOLD OUT!


My dad remains in the nursing home.  His 100 days are up around 3/6, when he'll come home.   While he's been in, I tented his house and my house for termites.   That also involved hiring a security guard for both houses, since people break in and will rob you blind without one.   Jerks.

Of course, it also involved emptying the house of open bottles of stuff, food, medicine, etc.   And we did this during cookie season, too.   I'm just glad its over.   Now, we just need to get his carpets cleaned, and the house will be good to go.

Taylor is doing well in school.  I got her a spanish tutor, and she's doing great.   Since 99.9% of her school is hispanic, the class is geared to those who already speak and understand spanish.   Um, that's not T.  Now, though, she's learning very quickly.  I'm thrilled.

For some reason, I can no longer download pics from my iphone to my laptop.   That is majorly interfering with my blogging.   I think my laptop has a bug, as I can't download newer iphone software, either.   Hopefully, I can get this figured out quickly.   Its just not was fun posting without seeing T in living color.  

that's it for now!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year!!!!                                              We had a quiet night at home.  Taylor broke out her paints and was quite crafty.  That kept her busy all night as Dot and I watched TV, had a nice dinner, and a few drinks.  

We barely made it to midnight.   It was a total fight to stay awake.

Taylor, on the other hand, had no problem whatsoever staying awake.  For the first time ever, she was up running around at midnight.  There was no way Dot or I could go to sleep and have her miss out.

On New Years' Day, Taylors god parents and family drove down from Tampa.  The boys went of the Orange bowl game, while the girls went out to dinner then back to my house to gossip.  Ceci allowed G to spend the night, so taylor had her first sleep over EVER!!    She was so excited when we said yes, she couldn't stand it.   They watched movies, ate popcorn in bed, played video games, and stayed up til midnight.   They then had waffles in bed the next morning.   Those girls were loving life.
I can't believe the holidays are over.  They were pretty strange this year, as for the first time ever there was no older generation around.  As many of you know, my mom died in May, my dad is in a nursing home through February, and my mom's older sister suffered some health issues causing her to move to CT with her son for the foreseeable future.   It was just me, my sissy and Taylor.     But for T, we probably wouldn't have celebrated.  But since its all about T, the celebrations went on.
Now, we're trying to gear up for school next week and get back to our usual routine.   I'm planning another girlscout meeting...its going to be all about yarn.   Stay tuned for that.
Merry Christmas, all!

A marvelous plan was made in the stars,
to create a miracle across the ocean so far....
Then entwine and weave all the hopes and labor,
it would take to bring us this joy called "Taylor"....
Now three lives are blessed and somewhere in the stars,
the planners are smiling, as we all are.

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