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Monday, February 9, 2009

Excitement is brewing in the Air...

...yep, don't tell T, but we're planning the year's first Disney trip. First week in April, before all the other kids get out on spring break. Hopefully, the parks won't be that crowded. We're staying this time at the All Star Movies, as there is a Toy Story section we hope to stay in. That will be a first for us at this hotel. We'll be heading out on Sunday, March 29, the day after T's Princess and Pirate birthday party, and will be there for the week.

New at the parks this time, we scored a lunch rez at Canada in Epcot. That's a first for us. Rumor has it the food is fab, and we've never before gotten a rez. All they had this time was lunch. But, there's more! Also...brace yourselves....I've booked an appointment for T at ....the Bippity Boppity Boutique. The one located in Cinderella's Castle, no less. Of course, I booked the cheapest package. KA-CHING again!

For those not in the know, its a beauty shop for little girls. It gives them an updo hairdo with crown, special sparkle makeup, and if you spring for it, a princess dress. Needless to say, T will be wearing one of her million princess dresses to the appointment, so all she needs is the glam! I've cleverly booked a morning appointment, so that she'll be glammed up the whole day. Now, I'm searching for a princess dinner, to make the day complete. I hope she won't balk at taking a bath that night, when she realizes all her princess glitter will be going down the drain. Ah well, she's gotta learn these tough life lessons sometime.

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Snowflowers Mum said...

that is the cutest idea ever...I have no issue with glitterizing the kids, when Piper had her 4th birthday party we surprised her with an early morning trip to the salon for 'fancy nancy' hair(ringlets and glitter spray, pink and purple extensions) and butterfly clips...it MADE HER DAY!

When we go to Dis, I'm going to bippity boppity my girls until they run out of glitter...hey, you're only a kid once! and this is from a au natural, no makeup wearing, salon avoiding Mother! Kids....let them love the glitter while they can!

Chad and Kristy said...

Awe! You will have just missed us! We are doing our Disney trip March 23-27th!! We had some friends go a couple of years ago and when they got to Magic Kingdom they were approached by Disney and told they were chosen to SLEEP in Cinderela's Castle!! How cool would that be!?!?!
Have fun:)

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