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Monday, November 16, 2009

Meeting with the State Attorney

Despite what one might think upon viewing this photo, the State Attorney did not call a meeting to discuss my little 4 yr old felon's antics at school the other day, of "Throwing a deadly missile" (yes, that is a crime...second degree felony, too) Nope, instead, I had a late meeting with the State Attorney at 5:30 today, and aftercare ends at 6:00. No way could I make the meeting, and then be on time to pick up T. So, I went and picked T up from school early, and brought her to the meeting. I was VERY nervous about this, and bribed T shamelessly with an offer to go to the restaurant for dinner if she was a good girl, and didn't say a word during our meeting.

I had visions of T sitting in the waiting room while I was in the meeting, but the SA said to bring her in. T was so good, I couldn't stand it. She answered the SA's questions, didn't interrupt once during the meeting, and charmed everyone. The SA even offered to pose for a picture with T. I, of course, whipped out my phone on the spot, and snapped off a few.

I like it. T looks very at home with the official flags. Perhaps she, too, may have a career in law enforcement in her future...

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Wanda said...

I can imagine how nervous you must have been and no choice but to bring her. What a trooper she is.

You both can build on that confidence now. Good stuff!

chart said...

What a great day. T is full of surprises. She's an angel one day and a Biscayne Bay shark the next. Sure makes life interesting. xox

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