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Monday, November 30, 2009

Back To School

After all the excitement of the carnival, our sickness, and TG day, it was nice to get back into our normal routine. We were at school a bit too early, and had to wait for it to open. Took the opportunity to snap a few shots. This picture here is the outside of the old convent, now preK classrooms. Each class decorates one of the alcove/porch walls.
Apparantly they've been very busy preparing for thanksgiving. Here's T pointing to her work or art...a pilgrim which she quickly stated, who is wearing lipstick. Yep, that looks like alot of red lipstick.
Here's T pointing to her turkey...it the one up at the top in the corner. She was very proud of her work.

Meanwhile, I took the day off, as I was on medical jitney duty. Had an appointment for my mom at the dr., and then at the last minute made one for my dad as well, when he deigned to consent to go. He has a deep, almost genetic aversion to all things medical, so it was a big deal when he consented to go. He's been living with unregulated diabetes for the last few years. We got a new script for some medicine, and he actually took one. I also scored some disabled parking permits for my mom, who can barely walk 20 feet without assistence. They were thrilled with that. So, tomorrow for me its back to work.

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Wanda said...

Look how proud your sweetie looks. Pre-K rocks!!

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