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Monday, November 23, 2009

Diagnosis is in...

T has an upper respiratory infection that just needs to work itself out, and we're only to treat the symptoms. Her low grade fever continues to come and go. Of course, what has my ever-loving daughter done?


Yep, I spent the day suffering from a sore throat and the chills...which means I probably have a low grade fever, too. Unlike my darling daughter, though, I don't lose my appetite when sick. At least if it knew I'd lose a few pounds, it would make the whole ordeal more palatable, so to speak. But no, I think I pretty much would have to be at death's door, before I'd ever lose my appetite...or in a coma. Damn.

Anyway, I'm certain that this will exacerbate my asthma, so I'm hoping I can head that off at the pass.

That's it for now.

3 Brilliant Comment(s) from Friends:

chart said...

What a mess. I hope you both are soon all better.

Wanda said...

Feel better soon! (Nice of your sweetie to share with you.)

Dorothy said...

Hmmm, I'm her sister

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