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Friday, November 13, 2009

I Love It!

Spent the WHOLE damn day at my parents house. Got there bright and early to meet the granite transformation people at 10:00. They were supposed to be there with the plumber, but he went to another job first...and proceeded to ruin my day.

Speaking of xmas trees (from the comments yesterday), I bought my parents this little number from home depot. You just pull it out of the box and plug it in. Its decorated and everything.

Anyway, back to the bathroom, to take out the old sink in the bathroom and install the counter, they had to turn off the water. They assured me that the plumber would be there at noon. WRONG. We were without water all damn day. Couldn't even flush the toilet. Oy.

Dumb plumber didn't get there until 5:15. I had to leave him working while I went to get T. Here is basically the finished product. I love it! It is amazing to me that they just lay it over the existing counter and voila.

I highly recommend this company. Just make sure that they coordinate better with the plumber, or you'll be waiting all day.

Here's a close up of the counter. You can't that well, but there is a brown speck in it that perfectly matches the brown in the tile.

Lastly, Dot has started the long trek home from Manila. T is very excited to see her tomorrow night.


This company fabricates the "granite" at the factory based upon a template that they take of your existing counter. Granite is in quotes b/c its not real granite, its like ground up granite mixed with polymers. Instead of being real thick like stone, the countertop is about 1/4 of in inch thick and EXTREMELY strong and durable. More so than granite. Its so impermeable, that one can write on it with a sharpie and it wipes off. I got one of the more inexpensive styles. They can mix in call kinds of glasses, which can give it a sparkle for extra $$. You have to see the samples to understand what I'm talking about.

They cut the hole for the sink on site, and then laid this over the formica countertop. You can also get an undermount sink. I had to get drop-in due to the configuration of the existing plumbing.

They spread a special goop that was like mastic but not on the old countertop. Its a two part goop that when mixed together makes a space-age durable bond. They then put the new over the old, caulked the edges next to the wall, and called it a day. I put some contact numbers in the comments section and their website for anyone interested.

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Chinazhoumom said...

tell me more about this over lay stuff - I want new stuff in my bathroom - but don't want to upset everything else...maybe there is one up North...:-)

Carol and Taylor said...

www . granitetransformations . com

I think their main hub is in georgia 770-632-7003

there is a number from maitland, fl 407-695-7118

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