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Monday, November 9, 2009

Its Nice to Relax

What a restful day I had at work! I was able to lose myself in my work, and the day sped by and ended with a feeling of accomplishment. I met the roofer this morning, and I was done there in 15 minutes. Problem is, I wore grungy clothes in anticipation of being there for a while, and had to go home and change. The first inspection from the City is tomorrow, then they'll tar it and call for the final inspection. All should be done soon.

Meanwhile, I'm now trying to sell 24 church pews that are 14 feet long, and 2 that are 7 feet long. Wish me luck!

Hurry up wednesday!

...in T news, she was well behaved at school, and hasn't peed on anything but the bathroom toilet in over 24 hours. Things are looking up!

2 Brilliant Comment(s) from Friends:

Laura said...

Your blog is fabulous - I love your parents without knowing them! Do I want to know where you got the church pews? Did I miss that? And most importantly....what were you doing 4 years ago tomorrow????

Wanda said...

Whew........may the peeing in the right place continue!

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