Welcome 2nd Grade!!

No more sleeping late for us! It's back to school time!

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Tangible evidence that my kid ate something green!

Meanwhile, a little girl in our FCC group is in the hospital with pneumonia. Everyone please send good thoughts and prayers her way. She's only 4, her name is Katie, and her family is understandibly beside themselves. I suspect that if I was in Katie's mom's position, I'd have to be medicated with HUGE amounts of tranquilizers. We're sending off a get well card tomorrow. I recall when I was in the hospital at about 5 or 6 yrs of age...with faux-apendicitis. I was doubled over in pain, had a fever, and they suspected the worst. Turns out, it was probably gas and I was released after a few days.

Anyway, my point is that I recall getting a bunch of get well cards from everyone in my class. That had been the best thing about the situation...besides ice cream. Anyway, I announce to T that we're going to make a card for our friend, and T busily colors the thing. She also added her name. However, T thinks that letter order is discretionary. When she runs out of room, she just sticks the "O" or the "R" any which way. So the card looks a bit odd. We get it all done, and T runs over to the bookshelves and comes back with a little haircomb that she announces she wants to give our sick friend. It kills me sometimes, how thoughtful my little girl is. So, we added that and sealed the thing up. We'll be mailing it tomorrow.

In other news, Aunt Dot is back in the good ol' USA. She mentioned something about running into some trouble that she labeled...the Tokyo Flu Fiasco, but didn't elaborate. I figure she came close to getting quarantined...or perhaps disinfected. Who knows. Can't wait for the details of that!

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Breaking Blog News

Well, we have big news tonight! Many long-time readers of this blog know of T's picky eating habits. I can't get her to eat anything green. Nothing. Zip. Nada. Tonight we were at Nordstroms, and she actually took one of my string beans, and started eating it. I nearly fell out of the booth!

She then pronounced that, "I like to eat the sting bean with catsup".

She proceeded to dunk the sting bean in her catsup, and continued eating.

Yep, its all about the catsup.


In other news, Aunt Dot should be boarding the first of 3 planes, that will bring her home, as of about 7:30 p.m., EST. She won't land in Miami until about 7:30 thursday night.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Taylor's Big Sunday

While I was busy at my parents house on Sunday, I had shipped T off to my friend Marie. She got to spend the whole day with Sophie and Nick, playing. She had the time of her life, according to all reports. They started out at Sophie's gymnastics show, and then later in the day, went down to Coconut Grove in Miami, to the Barnacle. That's an old historic house and park. There was a girl scout event there. T just loved playing with the big girls. Here's some pics marie sent me of the fun day:

Monday, April 27, 2009

...And Then Other Plans Fall Apart...

I had a plan today...it was a great plan...and it failed miserably.

We woke up extra early today to go to school and work, so that I could leave early and take my mom to the doctor. This was our appointment to find out the results of the 24-hour EEG test from last week. Told my father about it on Sunday, and then called him again on Sunday night to remind him.

I called them before leaving work, but there was no answer. No big deal, I figured that they didn't hear the phone. Um, no. They were out.

Apparently, my mom wanted to go out. So my dad took her driving around up to broward county, and then to dinner at a place called "Little Reds", which I think is BBQ. So, I hung out there for about an hour or so, watching the soaps, then since it was too late to go back to work, went up to check Dot's mail.

Meanwhile, am I the only person who would find it personally demoralizing to drop dead of "Swine Flu". Oh yeah, I can hear it now (with a thick southern accent) "Yep, she started gainin weight in the last few years and next thing we know, she's gone and dropped dead from the SWINE flu." Good lord. Couldn't they come up with a better name? the S-Flu...or some science'y sounding name. Good Lord.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Love When A Plan Comes Together

Well, today was the big day in which Leonor and I worked like dogs in my parents' downstairs den. 35 huge black trash bags were taken to the curb. Leonor took another 6 bags home. I swear, my parents have thrown away NOTHING since 1968.

Old towels and old bath and kitchen rugs that normal families throw out when worn out? In the closet.
Old sheets and pillows and bedspreads from our childhood? In the closet.
Old clothes my dad ruined working in the yard? In the closet.
Two bowling balls that haven't been used since before they had kids (i.e. in 47 years)? In the closet.

Don't even get me started on all the office supplies. Anyway, I'm happy to report that Operation Archive is basically at an end. I didn't make my excel spreadsheet as I was planning, but all the boxes fit in the cleaned out closets. Hurray!

So, what did I find to bring home?

My old stamp collection from elementary school. My Uncle Jerry Tyler was a stamp collector, and got me interested. Found it, and brought it home. Wonder if its worth anything? I doubt it.

Also found aunt dot's collection of glass disney figurines, that we're going to give to T for her room. I'll wait for Dot to return home before presenting them to T. We collected the figurines on various Disney trips, when we were kids.

My Dawn Dolls...those tiny barbie doll that just might be the precursor to polly pocket dolls...but with clothes made of material vs. rubber. Leonor is going to throw the clothes in the wash, as they're NASTY, and then we just might give the to T to play with, if we can clean them up some.

So, Mission Accomplished. Now, all I have to do is get into his office downtown, to figure out what we're keeping, and what will be trashed. Stuff we're keeping will be moved to their house, probably the downstairs...that's why I've been so busy making room.

Meanwhile, Dot informed me that she experienced tremors the other day in Manilla. That would be EARTHQUAKE TREMORS! Holy Shit!

Say a prayer that there are no quakes in Manilla ...or anywhere in the region... in the next week and a half. As far as I'm concerned, she can't get home fast enough!

Here Comes the Bride!

One of the things that I found in my parents' museum of a house, was my sister's wedding veil. It was wadded up and thrown in the bottom of a closet downstairs. I pulled it out, and had leonor throw it in the wash. The crown came out a little crazy, but T loves it!

I thought my mom and aunts had made it, but Dot corrected me, and reminded me that Mrs. Southern, who lived down the street sewed it up.

The wierd thing....as I was informing Dot about the veil, she informed me that today would have been her 29th wedding anniversary.

Is that freaky or what!

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Plans Change on a Dime

I had such big plans for us today. Figured we'd have a T day, and do all things that she loves. When I picked her up from school on Wednesday, she couldn't stop talking about Monsters vs. Aliens...she wanted to go to the movies to see it. RIGHT. THEN. Um, despite what you may think at times, I'm not stupid. There was no WAY I'd ever let her know that one COULD go to the movies after school...I'd never hear the end of it. Everyday, she'd want to go to the movies. So, I figured we'd go today.

I told her about it this morning, quite excited. Um, T? Not so much. She had no interest in going to see monsters vs. aliens. Not sure what the problem is.....a remnant of her disney 3D trauma or the fact that Monsters is in the title. Not sure. So instead, we did what MOMMY likes to do....SHOPPING!

Off to the mall we went to gymboree. I've been eyeing their new lines online, and wanted to get a look at them in person. LOVE. THEM! Bright, jewel colors that T looks fab in. I'm waiting for them to go on sale, although I confess to breaking down and buying her this adorable dress with monkeys on it. After, we went to Johnny Rockets for lunch, and then stopped off for a quick bike ride. We're at home at the moment, taking naps, and then we'll be off to the park.

Tomorrow, T is going to get to spend the day with Sophie and Nick. Sophie's gymnastics show is tomorrow, along with some girl scout event. T will be tagging along while Leonor and I sort out my parents' downstairs den.

That's all for now!

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Nothing Much to Say

Hi All,

I've had some nice relaxing days at work, and T has been behaving very well lately...so there's not much to blog about! Plus, my creative juices just don't seem to be flowing tonight. So, I leave with a picture I took of T this evening, as she was horsing around with the glider's footstool.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Where do I begin?

Introducing "Gerry the Robot". What you are seeing, are 26 electrodes glued all around my mom's head. They have wires coming off of them, which go to that black pouch you see hanging on her. As you can imagine, she was less than thrilled with it all, as she did look crazy and somewhat like a robot.

I wrote down what she was doing throughout the day, and I'm frankly shocked at how well she handled the whole thing. After installing this on her on Monday, we returned to their house and I began "Operation Archive", i.e. instituting some type of file management system into my father's office files...half of which are strewn about in boxes in their house. I was successful in reboxing them all into 34 bankers file boxes. Next step is this Sunday, when Leonor and I clean out their den to make room for them.

Anyway, my friend Marie picked T up from school, which allowed me to stay and monitor my mom. T was very excited to be sleeping at grandma and grandpa's house having a "slumber lumber party" and a pizza party all rolled into one.

I must say that it was a strange experience, to be sleeping in a bedroom of my childhood (Aunt dot's room that I shared with her when I was real young), but now with my daughter. I slept in Aunt Dot's bed and T slept in mine. It was also a CHORE to get her to go to sleep. New surroundings and all. She spend an inordinant amount of time looking out the window with a bird's eye view of the hood...the bedroom is on the 2nd floor.

Anyway, all was going a little too smoothly...I should have known.

We wake up, and T wanted to go downstairs and surprise grandma and grandpa. Next thing I know, she comes tearing back up the stairs saying that "Grandma and Grandpa need help". I go tearing downstairs and what do I find????

My insane father is cutting the electrodes ...wire and all...out of my mom's hair b/c "she wants to take them out". Good lord. Out of the 3 of them, only T had a lick of sense. She knew the dire consequences of putting scissors near your hair. I've lectured her at length about that. Add to that grandma says ouch...and she ...a frickin 4 yr old...knew enough to be concerned. I lecture them both, tell them to stop, the doc will have special stuff to take them out, and they comply. I go to drop T off at Marie's. Before leaving, I lecture them again not to mess with the thing.

You see where this is going, don't you?

I return home to find them both in the kitchen, my dad with the scissors. Now about 5 or 6 have been cut. I couldn't believe it. They didn't even comprehend the fact that they were ruining this medical machine, which I'm sure is expensive. Can't wait to see if they get a bill for that and what their reaction will be.

So, got her to the doc, who was not pleased with the state of the machine, and they took the things off my mom...using some type of solution that smelled similar to acetone. Poor thing was an absolute MESS after they were pulled out. Her hair was all harem scarem, like she stuck her finger in a socket, smelled of chemicals, and had glue in it from the electrodes. We return in a week for the results. Off we went to the Audiologist.

Not much happened there, as my mom's ears are FULL of wax. She tolerated him taking a dime-sized in diameter ball of wax out of one ear, but couldn't stand him do the other, which he said was markedly worse and more fully impacted in her ear canal. Besides her general loss of hearing, no wonder she can't hear a thing...her ears are full of wax! Why in the name of god any of the other docs didn't clean her ears out is a mystery to me. They're forever looking inside. sigh. The doc gave us some drops to put in her ears 3 times a day...which I'm sure they'll forget to do, ...and ordered us to return next week for a hearing test.

I couldn't stand looking at my poor mom like she was with her crazy hair. She's gone to the beauty shop..same one...for over 30 years like clockwork. Every. Saturday. Her hair is ALWAYS fixed. So, called up Margie to see if I could bring my mom by for a wash and set...and let margie work on getting all the gunk out of her hair. I dropped her off there, went to my sister's to check her mail, and returned to pick up my mom and take her home.

I then came home and slept.

I can't wait to go to work tomorrow, and relax!

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Austin's 4 yr old Carnival

What fun did we have this afternoon! We arrived at the party at about 4:00...the perfect time as the sun is less hot. Brilliant move calling the party for that late. We stayed til a little before 7:00. T went nuts in the bounce house, rode the train around the neighborhood, rode a pony for the first time...I have it on film...and generally had a ball.

Dora and Diego made an appearance, and T stalked them. SHAMELESSLY. Literally, the kid wouldn't leave them alone. Conned them into picking her up, dancing with her, rode the train with them...I've never seen anything like it.

I really thought that T would balk upon being actually placed on the pony's back, but not my girl today. She was braveness personified. Didn't even want me to ride the train with her. "I can do it myself, mama" was the anthem of the day.

I sat in the shade, knocked back a couple single-serve bottles of wine, ate a delish hotdog, and enjoyed the day chit chatting with acquaintances from work. ....all adoptive parents. One from Russia (in addition to the birthday family) and one from China. Then, I learned that there were a few other families there that were domestic adoptions and a couple of other foreign from Russia. I think all in all, there were about 8 or 9 adoptive families present.

It was a really, really nice, de-stressing end to the day. Especially since during the morning I went to my mom's house, and found their new car had been in a fender bender. Both deny any memory of how it happened. I found a key in my mom's purse, which I have now confiscated. Tomorrow when I'm over there, I'll deal with trying to get it fixed. Its not nearly as bad as her last accident. My impromptu investigation reveals that I think she hit a column or lightpost while parking, as I found some concrete dust in the damage. Who knows.
It will be very interesting to see what happens when they realize that neither of them has a key. I didn't tell them I was taking it.

So, now we're home and I'm packing and getting ready for our big sleep over at the parents house.

Wish me luck that we survive it!

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Book Signing Fun

So off we went to the book signing, at a small, boutique book store nearby, i.e. not the 2 usual chain bookstores. We arrived early and sat outside in their courtyard, where a little cafe/far is located. T played games on my phone, ate a cookie, and I had a glass of Rose. T was very well behaved during Jilliane's talk, but we did have to get up during the tail end and go into the other room, as T was getting ants in her pants.

While in the other room, T decided that she wanted a book to, and chose the yellow one below, which also had "eyes" on the front cover. Thank god its one that I actually think I might enjoy reading, otherwise, I would never have bought the thing. Unfortunately, its book #3 in a series, so I'm probably going to have to order up #1 and #2 from Amazon.

I'm thanking my lucky stars that T didn't choose "a classic". I've been avoiding them since about the 8th grade. If not for cliff notes, I'd never have graduated. I'm certainly not about to start reading that crap now. Nope...I prefer to read much better stuff....trashy romance, true crime, and a bit of mystery.

What's funny, is that after Jilliane's speech, we went up to get her to sign my book. T insisted that she sign hers...by a different author...as well. Told Jilliane that perhaps she should consider "cartoon eyes" on the cover of her next book, and sales might increase from all the moms buying the thing to keep their kid from pitching a fit.

After we got our books signed, we high-tailed it out of the place and came home.

So ends our day.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mid-Weekend Update

So, what did we do today? Sit back and read the minute detail of our weekend, so far, which is posted here for Aunt Dot's benefit.

Bright and early we were off to Target. Took the side streets as the expressway...the scene of my discontent on Friday morning, is under construction and lanes are closed on the weekend. Let's just say that its backed up, basically to the Florida Keys.

Purchased some air-tight cannisters and other air-tight food containers for my parents house. Purchased some TP only to come home and discover I have about 20 rolls squirrelled away in the closet. Does that happen to anyone else? For some inexplicable reason you always think you're out of something, only to get home and discover you have a veritable treasure trove of the item? Happens to me all the time with TP, papertowels and napkins. Anyway, I digress.

We also purchased a birthday present the little boy of a woman I know from the courthouse. She's a defense attorney who adopted 2 kids (boy and girl) from Russia. It's Austin's 4th birthday party this Sunday evening, and we plan on attending. Lets just say it will be another over-the-top Miami birthday party. According to the invitation, carnival rides, real-live ponies, clowns, and other things lie in store for us. Figure T might like to see a real live pony. Not too much chance of that in this town, as all the ponies are busy on the birthday party circuit.

We also purchased the movie Desperdeax, who's name I know I have butchered but am too lazy to get up and check the spelling on the DVD carton. Anyway, as we were coming home, it was a little rainy, and I had the bright idea to go to the movies. We would have been right on time. So, I ask T if she wants to go see Monsters vs. Aliens at the movies.

She balked. A look of fear came in her eyes, reminiscent of the look she had in the 3d movies at Disney. I didn't push it. Instead, we stayed home and watched the new DVD. Sigh. Maybe someday she'll actually LIKE going to the movies. For now, not even popcorn will successfully bribe her.

So instead, we headed out to the computer store as T calls it, aka Office Max. Bought 4 packages of 10-pack file boxes, in anticipation of my archiving project of all my dad's old files. I'll start to work on that when I'm stuck in there house all day monday, monitoring my mom's EEG test.

After that, we went off to JCPenney to return a few things. Mistake. They're having a big sale and the place was swamped. Plus, T was cranky and needed a nap. Sensing a disaster waiting to happen, we high-tailed it out of there and came back home, where T is napping as I type.

Our plans this evening are to go to a Bookstore where my friend Jilliane Hoffman (google her) will be signing books. This is Jilliane's 3rd published book, "Plea of Insanity". We'll be getting our autographed copy. BTW, if you read her first book, the captain of the Miami Beach Police Department is named after me....Captain J****n. (I've taken to trying to be a bit more obscure in the info that I post here, based upon a reminder warning from a friend.)

So, that's our weekend so far. Hope yours is shaping up to be a fun time, too!

Just My Luck

A little background for those unfamiliar is needed for this story. Miami Beach is an actual island off the coast of florida, with Biscayne Bay and/or the Intracoastal waterway in between. There are about 5 or 6 causeways or bridges that connect mainland Miami to the Beach. Near me, there are about 3 main causeways that are of use. To get to T's Dr., I have to pick a causeway...always a crap shoot.

One can go across the one furthest south, but then have to negotiate the South Beach traffic, which sometimes can take quite a while. Or, I can take the middle causeway, which dumps me out near where her doc is located. Problem with that is that theres a bit of construction there, that can sometimes slow things down. Well. I chose the middle causeway.

WRONG CHOICE. Turns out that some dump trucks decided to overturn on the middle causeway, and they shut it down. You have NO IDEA the MESS that is created when one of the causeways is shut down. Had to call from the car to the dr., who moved my shot appt from 8:30 to 9:00...then to 9:30. Took me over an hour and a half to get there, where its usually 15 minutes. Had to go all the way up to the north causeway, and circle back down in horrendous one-causeway-is-shut-down traffic. Of course, waiting room was PACKED!

So, as you can imagine, I wasn't in the best mood. AT.ALL. We finally go in for our shots and the nurse says we're here for a 2nd flu shot. Huh? No, I was told she needed another hep B shot. The nurse starts arguing with me. BAD.MOVE. Actually, I thought I was quite polite given the circumstances, but it all degenerated in me yelling at her, "I don't care if the stupid chart and notes say she already had it, Please consult with the office manager who called me and specifically said you guys screwed up and never gave it to her". Dumb nurse didn't want to consult with anyone. She also took great umbrage in me calling her sacrosanct medical notes stupid. Tough luck. I just wanted to make sure that I DIDN'T HAVE TO RETURN FOR A FOURTH TIME FOR STUPID SHOTS. This was ridiculous.

So, after much arguing the nurse finally deigned to consult the office manager. T was given the 2 shots. And no, no apology from the know-it-all nurse.

I made it to work at 11:00 a.m. So much for my clever early morning appointment. Grrrr.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Not Again!

I think I mentioned before about how annoyed I am with the pediatrician's office. I had brought T in for her 4 yr old wellness visit 10 stupid days before her 4th birthday. They refused to give her her shots at that time, b/c she wasn't "4". TEN.STUPID.DAYS. Now, no one mentioned this stupid rule when I made the appointment, and I can't imagine what medical reason supports that little "office rule", so I was annoyed. I suspect the insurance company is behind that.

Anyway, I made a "shot" appointment after she turned 4 as required, obtained my coveted school immunization forms, and figured that was the end of it. Um, no. I get a call from the manager of the office saying "there was a problem with her shots" and to call in.

What the hell is any mother's response to that?? WORRY, that's what! I'm busy dialing and obsessing about what the problem could be...thinking the most obvious, of course...Clearly they gave her contaminated vaccines and now she'll come down with measles, mumps and rubella fever all at once....or be autistic.

Turns out it was nothing that bad. Merely, they "forgot" to give her a shot. Big screw up for them, since they certified that she had them all. So AGAIN I have to take her to the stupid doctor. We're scheduled for tomorrow morning. She'll be getting a hepatitis shot.

With all the dr appointments I've been going to lately, I think I need to rename "The Schoolbus" , "The Ambulance"!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

Remember Paul Potts from a few years ago who sang opera as well as Paverotti? Well, take a look at Susan Boyle...


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Latest Purchase

Introducing my newest investment....
Its a pill reminder gizmo. My latest attempt to get my parents (really my mom since my dad just plain refuses to take his meds) to take their medicine.

My mom now has to take 3 pills a day. 2 in the morning, and her memory medicine...Aricept...before she goes to bed. I've been calling my dad every night to remind him. Its like he's hearing the news for the first time. Then replies...Your mom says she took it already. aye aye aye. He actually listens to a woman who has short term memory problems. Sigh.

I'm hoping that this will set them straight. Its got an extra big pill holder...figure that will be easier for them to read...has a clock that can be set to go off 4 times a day on extra-loud volume. It should arrive on Friday(paid extra for that), and I'll haul it over there this weekend.

Re my mom....I'm almost afraid to type this but I think she's stopped driving. Don't think she has driven for 2 weeks now. When I was over there on Sunday, she said for the first time when we were sitting on the porch together that, "I can't drive anymore". In the past, I've usually told her that and it was like telling her for the first time, everytime. Dealing with my mom is a little like being stuck in the Steve Martin movie, Groundhog day...when he's destined to live the save day over and over again. Me and my mom have the same conversations over and over again.

Turns our the MRI indicated that she has had a mild stroke. Thank God it was in an area of the brain that doesn't have such drastic side-affects. It appears that only her short-term memory and her balance have been affected...that we can tell. Therefore, the doc has prescribed that she take a baby aspirin everday, to help ward off future stokes...which often happen once the first one strikes in the elderly.

Anyway, I'll be staying with them on Monday and Tuesday, as the doc wants her to do a 24 hour EEG test...that's a test that measures her brainwaves for 24 hours. They hook wires up to her head that are connected to a little CD thing, that records her brain waves. Totally painless, just a pain in the ass, so to speak. I need to be there to make sure she doesn't take it off... and to monitor what she's doing at various times of the day so that doc can use that info in analyzing the results. He thought he saw a little epilepsy-like-looking-waves in the short 20 minute test done in the office, and wants a full 24 hours of data to make an accurate diagnosis. So, we'll put the gizmo on her on monday, and I'll take her on tuesday to take it off.

That's what's going on here. I know this isn't that exciting a post or particularly interesting to T's loyal readers...but its what's going on in our lives at the moment and the minute detail is for the benefit of Dot who is in Manila for 3 weeks, and my mom's sister Aunt Connie...who is T's MOST LOYAL reader!

BTW...T is already jones'in to get her hands on the pill gizmo. She spied the picture and immediately asked, "Are those buttons? I want that" She LOVES buttons!

A Sign of Things to Come?

Many readers of this blog know of our sleeping habits in this house. Yep, we participate in the dirty little secret of parenting: We're "co-sleepers". Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know all about the pros and cons of it, but it works for us and I'm not worried. It all started when T started climbing out of her crib at about 14 months...and wandering the house at will. Since at that time, she had an unholy fascination with electrical sockets...and could dismantle an outlet adorned with a child-proof device with the skill of a safecracker...all done with the intent to LICK the outlet...I decided it was safer to keep her in bed with me so that I could monitor her late-night ramblings. We single moms do what we have to do.

So, for the last 3 years we've play a meticulously orchestrated dance of musical beds: We start out together...I move to T's bed....she gets up and comes and gets in it (its a twin and way too small for the both of us)....I go back to my bed...she gets up and comes back...or some derivation thereof...

Well, last night there was a change. A breakthrough, if you will, although I'm hesitant to jinx us by typing that... Last night T was in trouble...got into her bed...I shut the door with the light off (except the nightlight)...and she stayed there. She was crying some, but apparently cried herself to sleep. She stayed there by herself in her own bed all night. I stayed in my bed by myself all night. We both had a WONDERFUL night's sleep.

Could this be a sign of things to come??

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Sunday that happens to be Easter

Yep, as I stated before, we celebrated the day on Saturday. On Sunday, Leonor came over bright and early and we headed for my parents' house. Spent the day in the utility room. Oh.My.God. I can't even describe what a gross and dirty mess that was. From about 10:15 through 5:00 p.m., we were working non-stop. Really, Leonor was working while I made royal edicts: "Basura" (trash), "No, Basura" (not trash). I was also attempting to keep my back from going out. It was a close call. Really close!

Thankfully, Dot took some time out of her packing to come and collect T around 1:00 or 2:00 p.m., and take her back to Dot's house. That made things MUCH easier. Let's just say about 20 - 30 bags of trash and junk were taken out of that house. I even came across my Holly Hobby thermos from my lunch box in the 3rd grade. Yep, still there. I didn't have the heart to throw it out.

My plan is to take a break next weekend...while Leonor generally cleans the house, and then the next weekend start to tackle the downstairs room that's like a den...filled with all kinds of 40 yr old office supplies and the like. Slowly, but surely, we're getting it done.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

"Easter Saturday"

Yep, we're celebrating Easter Saturday today, as Dot will be headed home later and we're not celebrating tomorrow due to schedules. As you can see, T was NOT thrilled to have to stop from ripping open her Easter basket to pose for pictures. Got this little basket from Walgreens for 20.00. Its an official rip off. Approximately 2 hours after opening all the items, they're mostly all broken. My advice is to either spend a little more to get brand products in pre-made baskets...or do the basket yourself. Anyway, she loved it. We'll probably spread the eggs around the yard and let her hunt them a little later. So ends Easter.

I had hoped to take T to her new school, which she'll start in August, for an Easter egg hunt. Unfortunately, they don't have one. Huh? Their response to my question about whether they had a hunt or not? "We just celebrate Easter with the liturgical celebrations".

Well, now, that's a big fat bummer.

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Easter Egg Party

Jodie and Jack came over last night for a little Easter Egg Coloring Extravaganza. This was the 2nd annual.

Once again, Jodie took charge of the event and we came out with some coll looking eggs.

Dot took charge of the food, and we all ate lots more than we should have. Yummy!

We all got in on the action. The leftover aprons from T's birthday party came in quite handy. I donned a diva one and Jack donned a pirate one...plus stickers that T insisted on putting all over him!
T took charge of the color swabs Jodie found at walmart, and purchased especially for tonight's event. They're q-tips filled with egg dye, that you use to write on and decorate the eggs. That was T's favorite... and she did a really good job, too. My fav egg is the one whereon T wrote her name. Quite legible. I was thrilled!

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Parade

The Daycare had their annual Easter party today. They paraded around the government center in the Easter Bonnets that each class made, and then had a party in the playground area. Here's a silly picture of T in her hat...which is a colored butterfly in front with tissue glued to the part that goes around her head. T refused to wear it during the parade and party, claiming that it made her "itchy".
The day was absolutely beautiful. A cold snap has blown through Miami, and the highs today were in the low 70's. Not a cloud in the sky. Absolutely beautiful! As you can see from this picture, T was more interested in playing on the monkeybars than sitting at a table and eating.
Finally, we coaxed T (read threatened her) to sit down and all the kids ate a good meal...and cupcakes...and chips....and cheesedoodles. They were in toddler-food-heaven!
This celebration was particularly welcome, as we have no plans for Easter this year. Dot will be boarding a plane at the break of dawn on Monday to jet off to Manila for three weeks. Therefore, she'll be busy packing and getting ready. No time to cook up her usual sumptious feast.

As for me and T, I have Leonor coming over to my parents house on Sunday, to help clean out their utility room...to make room for the upcoming closing of my father's office. That will be my big project for the next couple of months. We're going to have to move files from the office to their house, so we have to make room. Let's just say that my parents are pack-rats...they believe in throwing NOTHING away...so my job is HUGE!

So, all in all, we're going to have a really slow Easter.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More Proof

...that my little girl is growning up.

One of her new favorite tv shows is Phineas and Ferb. She used to never want to watch that. In fact, I recall putting it on a time or two...just to get a break from the Sprout station. T would insist on changing it. Now, I just asked her if she wanted to watch TV or play Noggin on the computer (since when she's on the computer I watch my shows and when I'm on the computer she watches her shows...that's our deal) Anyway...she chose TV, as phineas and ferb was coming on. This is HUGE b/c she LOVES the computer.


Somebody, anybody, make time stand still!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bendaroo Hell

I readily admit that an artist, I am not. My forte was always math and science...things that are more concrete and based in reality vs. impressionism. So I am currently in Bendaroo Hell.

It all looked so damn easy on TV!

Here is my meager offering. I was attempting to make a butterfly, similar to what you see on the box below.
After this paltry attempt, we packed up the things to take to Disney, and were so busy that T never asked for them. I'm hoping that she continues to forget. At least the pixos give you a color key to make stuff. That is a piece of cake compared to these frustrating and confounding little sticks.

I know my time is numbered, though. Its only a matter of time before that stupid commercial comes on again, and reminds T that she has some. At that time I'll once again be in Bendaroo Hell.

UPDATE: As my luck would have it, Aunt Ruth...the giver of the bendaroos...came over this afternoon, and asked T how she liked playing with them.... I immediately asked her if she had been reading my blog again, and asked that question on purpose. Nope, just my luck. Yep, you guessed it. The bendaroos were fished out from the closet and are now being played with. I confess that Ruth had a bit more luck than myself with them, and did give us some inspiration. So now I'm having to change my opinion...

I'm liking the bendaroos now better than the damn pixos...that go all over the place, scoot all over my floor when dropped, and requires the use of water (i.e. the perfect mess mix).

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Disney In Review

One of the things I like best about taking T to disney is that each and every trip is a different experience. Let's see...what were some of the highlights of this trip?

  • T is now traumatized by 3-D movies. We took her into one in Epcot which started out with a loud explosion. Ever since, each and everytime she saw glasses being passed out, she insisted on leaving. We couldn't even see Mickey's Philhar-magic this year!
  • Her favorite rides this time were the "boat" rides. The one in Mexico in Epcot...which she insisted on riding over and over, and also the one in "The Land", where you see all the specially grown plants. Who would have thought that was her fav? So in keeping with that line of thinking, we took her on the Jungle Cruise in Magic Kingdom. Ooops! Again, we had a screeching "Cover my eyes". I don't think we'll be doing that ride again.
  • T's fav in the Magic Kingdom was Its a Small World, or as she calls it....The Dolls. I litereally think we went on the thing 10 - 15 times.
  • Long time readers will remember her melt down after going into Honey I shrunk the Kids playground...biting scratching, etc. from one year ago. This time she went in, played around for a while, then willingly left. Such a pleasure not to deal with tantrums. And yes, I fully understand that I'm jinxing myself in some way by daring to type those words.
  • The Bippity Boppity Boutique experience was a riot. It was literally the cutest thing I've ever seen! Interestingly, there are about 10 - 12 stations in the shop. When we arrived, there were already 5 little Asian girls getting gussied up...all of whom had non-Asian parents. T made 6. That's one of the things that I love about Disney...we spot adoptive families usually every 15 - 20 minutes or so. The place is filled with them! I don't think that T has really noticed, though, but mom has.
  • T is roaming around the house with a slight pout and lots of sighs, saying "I miss Disney" in the most pathetic of ways. Yeah, kid, don't we all.
  • My favorite part of the whole thing was that I got T to pose for one of those charicature pictures in the hotel's lobby. We chose the Mermaid theme, to go with her room. I LOVE IT!! I'll try and post a pic of the thing soon.

So ends T's 4th Birthday Party extravaganza. I don't think that any child has ever celebrated a birthday as much as this was was celebrated. Each meal at Disney ended with a candle in either a cupcake or a scoop of ice cream. Now, back to reality!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Where's Taylor

Remember the book/puzzle "Where's Waldo"? There would be a picture of hundreds of people, and you'd have to "find Waldo".

Here's our version of it....Where's Taylor? This was taken in Epcot, at a new children's little tot lot.

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We're Home

Yes, I'm happy to report that we are home safe and sound. I petered out taking pictures, so I don't think i have any for this post. Perhaps I'll hunt up some old ones from a few days ago. Anyway, on Thursday we were up bright and early and headed over to MGM studios. We had a good time and t behaved herself. Once again we had lunch in the SciFi Theatre. I must say my burger tasted 100 times better than the buffet from the night before.

Anyway, after stalking Ariel and taking in her live show, T and I returned to the hotel to nap while Aunt Dot remained in the park. She had a hot date with a fast rollercoaster. She also saw and thoroughly enjoyed the American Idol show.

We all met up again and headed over the to Magic Kingdom in the evening for dinner. We also got to see it all lit up. I was thrilled that T enjoyed the fireworks. I thought for sure she'd have her head buried in Dot's neck being all scared, but no. She thoroughly LOVED them. We left the park around 10:00 and headed back to our hotel.

So ends our disney vacation. I must say that one of the smartest things we've done was decide to return home on a friday. If I had to go to work tomorrow, I think I'd die!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cinderella Dinner or Bust?

I must say that it was a BUST. Quite disappointing!
Here's a tip....under no circumstances...never, ever take a 4 yr old to a fancy princess dinner at 7:45 p.m. Its just too late. That, coupled with the general disney sensory overload led to my little girl shutting down. The evening started great....we got to the hotel early, hoping that they could seat us earlier. Um, no. What's worse...according to them our rez was not until 8:05. HUH? Those last 20 minutes were crucial and contributed to the bad evening.

So, I have a really cranky and really hungry 4 yr old on my hands and what happenes? We go into the room that was an assault on your senses. It was one of the loudest restaurants I'd ever been in. Plus, very busy as it was a buffet type dinner with lousy food that is coming up my neck as I type this at 3:00 a.m. Dot thought some items she ate were good, but I thought it all sucked. Anyway, a booming voice would come over the loud speaker and introduce the characters as they entered the room. For the first time ever, T wanted NOTHING to do with any of the characters...not even her beloved Cinderella. In fact, we left the place before Cinderella ever made it to the table. Now that just shows what a lousy time poor T was having!

Anyway, we made it back to the room without further incident, and T was back to her old self. Mom on the other hand, had a headache and upset stomache and promptly went to bed.

Meanwhile, the fancypants hotel was absolutely beautiful! Hope you can tell from the pics. the lobby is about 5 stories tall with stained glass domes at the top. Its also the type of hotel that you feel you have to shush you kid in. Maybe one day if we hit the lotto and T is a teenager we may stay here. For now, I feel much more at home at the cheap hotel where nobody cares if your kid melts down in the middle of the lobby....3 other kids are doing it too!

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A marvelous plan was made in the stars,
to create a miracle across the ocean so far....
Then entwine and weave all the hopes and labor,
it would take to bring us this joy called "Taylor"....
Now three lives are blessed and somewhere in the stars,
the planners are smiling, as we all are.

Taylor's Gal Pals

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