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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Disney In Review

One of the things I like best about taking T to disney is that each and every trip is a different experience. Let's see...what were some of the highlights of this trip?

  • T is now traumatized by 3-D movies. We took her into one in Epcot which started out with a loud explosion. Ever since, each and everytime she saw glasses being passed out, she insisted on leaving. We couldn't even see Mickey's Philhar-magic this year!
  • Her favorite rides this time were the "boat" rides. The one in Mexico in Epcot...which she insisted on riding over and over, and also the one in "The Land", where you see all the specially grown plants. Who would have thought that was her fav? So in keeping with that line of thinking, we took her on the Jungle Cruise in Magic Kingdom. Ooops! Again, we had a screeching "Cover my eyes". I don't think we'll be doing that ride again.
  • T's fav in the Magic Kingdom was Its a Small World, or as she calls it....The Dolls. I litereally think we went on the thing 10 - 15 times.
  • Long time readers will remember her melt down after going into Honey I shrunk the Kids playground...biting scratching, etc. from one year ago. This time she went in, played around for a while, then willingly left. Such a pleasure not to deal with tantrums. And yes, I fully understand that I'm jinxing myself in some way by daring to type those words.
  • The Bippity Boppity Boutique experience was a riot. It was literally the cutest thing I've ever seen! Interestingly, there are about 10 - 12 stations in the shop. When we arrived, there were already 5 little Asian girls getting gussied up...all of whom had non-Asian parents. T made 6. That's one of the things that I love about Disney...we spot adoptive families usually every 15 - 20 minutes or so. The place is filled with them! I don't think that T has really noticed, though, but mom has.
  • T is roaming around the house with a slight pout and lots of sighs, saying "I miss Disney" in the most pathetic of ways. Yeah, kid, don't we all.
  • My favorite part of the whole thing was that I got T to pose for one of those charicature pictures in the hotel's lobby. We chose the Mermaid theme, to go with her room. I LOVE IT!! I'll try and post a pic of the thing soon.

So ends T's 4th Birthday Party extravaganza. I don't think that any child has ever celebrated a birthday as much as this was was celebrated. Each meal at Disney ended with a candle in either a cupcake or a scoop of ice cream. Now, back to reality!

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Duchess of Lanier said...

I appreciate you leaving your card for LadyLL!
And what a fabulous birthday you all had! Well, except the last princess dinner. ;)
Can't wait to see LL having such fun!
Thanks again for your visit!

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