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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Book Signing Fun

So off we went to the book signing, at a small, boutique book store nearby, i.e. not the 2 usual chain bookstores. We arrived early and sat outside in their courtyard, where a little cafe/far is located. T played games on my phone, ate a cookie, and I had a glass of Rose. T was very well behaved during Jilliane's talk, but we did have to get up during the tail end and go into the other room, as T was getting ants in her pants.

While in the other room, T decided that she wanted a book to, and chose the yellow one below, which also had "eyes" on the front cover. Thank god its one that I actually think I might enjoy reading, otherwise, I would never have bought the thing. Unfortunately, its book #3 in a series, so I'm probably going to have to order up #1 and #2 from Amazon.

I'm thanking my lucky stars that T didn't choose "a classic". I've been avoiding them since about the 8th grade. If not for cliff notes, I'd never have graduated. I'm certainly not about to start reading that crap now. Nope...I prefer to read much better stuff....trashy romance, true crime, and a bit of mystery.

What's funny, is that after Jilliane's speech, we went up to get her to sign my book. T insisted that she sign hers...by a different author...as well. Told Jilliane that perhaps she should consider "cartoon eyes" on the cover of her next book, and sales might increase from all the moms buying the thing to keep their kid from pitching a fit.

After we got our books signed, we high-tailed it out of the place and came home.

So ends our day.

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