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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Tangible evidence that my kid ate something green!

Meanwhile, a little girl in our FCC group is in the hospital with pneumonia. Everyone please send good thoughts and prayers her way. She's only 4, her name is Katie, and her family is understandibly beside themselves. I suspect that if I was in Katie's mom's position, I'd have to be medicated with HUGE amounts of tranquilizers. We're sending off a get well card tomorrow. I recall when I was in the hospital at about 5 or 6 yrs of age...with faux-apendicitis. I was doubled over in pain, had a fever, and they suspected the worst. Turns out, it was probably gas and I was released after a few days.

Anyway, my point is that I recall getting a bunch of get well cards from everyone in my class. That had been the best thing about the situation...besides ice cream. Anyway, I announce to T that we're going to make a card for our friend, and T busily colors the thing. She also added her name. However, T thinks that letter order is discretionary. When she runs out of room, she just sticks the "O" or the "R" any which way. So the card looks a bit odd. We get it all done, and T runs over to the bookshelves and comes back with a little haircomb that she announces she wants to give our sick friend. It kills me sometimes, how thoughtful my little girl is. So, we added that and sealed the thing up. We'll be mailing it tomorrow.

In other news, Aunt Dot is back in the good ol' USA. She mentioned something about running into some trouble that she labeled...the Tokyo Flu Fiasco, but didn't elaborate. I figure she came close to getting quarantined...or perhaps disinfected. Who knows. Can't wait for the details of that!

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