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Friday, November 2, 2012

Trick or Treating

we did our usual trick or treating with our friends the Ps.   T is always thrilled to hang with the big girls...

Can you believe that we went to a house, wherein an odd man answered the door.   Though unvoiced at the time, that little voice in my head was saying...that guys wierd.  The kids came running back to the street from his front door and announced what they received...

Cough drops.   On the bright side, they were individually wrapped cough drops, but they were still frickin' cough drops!!!!!


I can't help but wonder...did the guy run out of candy and thought cough drops taste so good that they are a good substitute for candy?  

Did her never have candy and was just giving out the drops??? 

 If he ran out of candy, he couldn't think to give out a few pennies instead??? 

 If he ran out of candy or never had candy, he couldn't think to turn off the damned lights and just not answer the door???

Needless to say, the cough drops were confiscated by the moms and dumped. 

Too bad I didn't have a cold that night, I would have been set!

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