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Saturday, October 27, 2012

GS Halloween Party!

The party was a HUGE success.   As some of you may know, T was dressing up as Medusa.   In anticipation thereof, I thought it would be appropriate for her to have crazy curly hair.   Of course,  Taylor's beautiful shiny black hair is straight as an arrow, and doesn't really hold much of a curl.  So, I figured....

Hair curlers!

Off we went to CVS, and found spongy "hair rags".  The curlers were all too big.   I also searched the store for some Dippity Do, to make sure the curls held.  Much to my dismay, dippity do is not for sale there.  

As we were leaving the section, I spied the head gear.   For most of my life, my mom wore one of these satin shower caps to bed.   Either over her curlers or over her hairdo, as she insisted it kept it from getting messed up.   It was only in her later years that she stopped wearing them.   So, I got one for T.  She was VERY excited...

I'm happy to report that her hair turned out great.  Of course, the curls immediately started falling, but none the less stayed wavy all night.   We sprayed her with hot pink color and gold glitter and she was good to go.

Meanwhile, I dressed up as a vampire victim.   Black dress, white make up, red lipstick drooling blood, and two red dots on my neck completed the look.  I also found my bats headband , which I thought nicely completed the look.    Some crazy make up for T and me, and we were done!

Finally, our first guest arrived.  A sweet butterfly from T's class. 

The party itself was lots of fun.   I had the girls sing halloween carols, which  are basically xmas songs with halloween words, we played pin the nose on the pumpkin, Boogo (halloween Bingo), bobbed for apples, threw sticky plastic spiders at a web like darts, and made halloween masks with one of those foam craft kits.

The hit of the night was the bobbing for apples and also pinning the nose on the pumpkin. 

Everybody left by around 11:00. 

Dot and I dove into bed, exhausted from all the fun.  

Now, onto the main event on Wednesday!  Happy Boo day everybody!!

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