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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Costume Craze

Well, T's end of year camp show is Friday nite.  I received a list of what she is to wear.  There are apparently FOUR segments to this year's show, each with a different costume. 

First, there is modeling.  They are instructed to wear anything representative of any country, preferably their country of origin or descent.  We dove into the basket of chinese clothes I had purchased while in china, and came out with a gorgeous chinese silk dress in a turquoise color.

Next, is modern dance.   The girls are to wear shorts, tshirt and black close-toed shoes. Preferably in neon colors.  Seriously?  Neon colors??  Clearly, the camp counselors didn't live through the first neon craze of circa 1984.  I vowed never to purchase anything neon again.   Yet...there I was a target on my lunch hour, scouring the kids department for neon.   Much to my surpise, there it was.   Neon pink shorts, with neon orange patent belt, with a neon green cute  cropped T.   I must say, a skinny little 7  yr old looks soooo much cuter in neon than a pudgy college girl.

Third, is the flamenco.  Close readers of this blog may recall that my little chinese gringa girl stole the show and was named the "Spanish Rose" for her flamenco skills at the age of 5.  The girls are to wear a black tank top, leggings of any color, and a coin belt.   I got T black leggings and had no idea what a coin belt was.   Its a scarf that wraps around the hips, with lots of coins hanging off it.  Belly dancers wear it.  So does Shakira.   I plugged "coin belt" into the amazon search engine and there it was for less than 10 bucks.   SCORE!!!!  T chose pink.  It was delivered the next day. 

Lastly, there is cheerleading.  T won the prize for the best cheerleader last year.   I doubt she will win again this year, as she is in a show with the older girls, aged 7 - 13.  The costume is her camp tshirt and shorts.  

So, there you are.   T is so excited she can't stand it.  I must admit so am I.  I'll try and get video.  Only problem is, its hard to watch the show when filming.

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Dottie said...

I can't believe I'm missing this! Can u ask someone to go with you to help take pics?

alice said...

How exciting! Sounds like fun! Just like summer should be!

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