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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Quick Catch Up

Well now, its been a real long time since I've blogged.  Much has gone on, so I'll do some quick bullets to catch everyone (or two) up:

  • We had thanksgiving at my house this year.   Right after eating, I took my dad to the ER.  Why?  Well, on the monday before he had fallen 3 times at home.  The last time, he hurt his shoulder.  It wasn't getting any better.  We suspected (correctly it turns out) that it was broken.  When I watched him trying to climb the 3 steps into my house, I realized he couldn't and needed help.   We had to literally pick up his knee to raise his foot to the next highest step.  The day before all the falls, he had no problem lifting his foot to climb his 5 steps into his house.  I suspected (correctly) that he had suffered another stoke.   MRI confirms.  Doc says that the stroke was in an area in the brain that often affects vision.  I suspect that he was in the bathroom, suffered the stroke, lost some or all vision, became disoriented, fell and could not brace himself as he fell as he couldn't see, therefore breaking his shoulder.  Luckily, his vision has returned.   He is now in a nursing home for 100 days, getting physical therapy.

  • Taylor had her Christmas show at school.  It was cute, but I could barely see her as they had her in the back.  Despite the risers, you still couldn't really see T as she's so short. Bummer.

  • With my dad in the nursing home, we took the opportunity to take a quick family vacation to Disney.  Me, my sissy, and Taylor had not been on a family vacation together in 3 years, since my mom fell and broke her hip.  Someone always had to stay in town in case something went wrong.   With my dad taken care of in the nursing home, we were free to take a quick trip.   My sissy sprung for the Polynesian Hotel at Disney.  That was her surprise christmas gift to us.  We had never stayed there in the past b/c its so pricey.  She claims to have gotten a really good rate.   I must say, that hotel ROCKED!  What fun we had at the pool, that had its own volcano mountain with a water slide inside.  T continuously slid down the slide.  Over.  and over. and over. and over.   Dot and I continuously hit the bar.  Over. and Over. and Over.   No need to worry about driving, as we just had to hop the monorail to go to the parks.    I am so totally spoiled now. 

  • We had haircutting, and T made the earth-shattering decision to let her bangs grow out.   I'm getting her elastic headbands, about 2 inches wide, to keep her bangs out of her eyes as this slow process progresses.  Stay tuned for some cute pictures of T with a forehead.

  • Bought myself a Kindle Fire.  Its like an Ipad but cheaper.  LOVE IT!

  • I had a bizarre pain last friday night, that seemed to be located in the area between my boobs, and  the area below my boobs but above my belly button.  Because I'm so fat and out of shape and of a "certain age" and riddled with stress, I was worried it might actually be a heart attack.  Off to the Urgent care center we went, who sent us to the Hospital ER.  All tests were negative, but they admitted me anyway for observation just to be sure.  Also, to do a nifty CAT  scan after injecting me with iodine.  Pictures show my heart is absolutely perfect with no blockage.   What a relief.  I didn't think it would be my heart as despite my out of shape status, I tend to have low blood pressure and low cholesterol...despite a lifetime of eating steak, potatoes, and butter.  The pain went away as I was in the ER, and never returned.  Maybe it was my gall bladder, maybe it was some other type of GI issue.   Who knows.  If it ever happens again, I guess I'll hunt up a GI doc for further testing.  I'm just glad to know its not my heart.

  • I'm behind on my Christmas shopping.  Have gotten stuff for T but no one else.  Big sigh.

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Laura said...

Hope Dad feels better and sounds like Disney was a hoot. Glad you're healthy and good luck with the bang grow out. Been there, done that. Hope to get to Miami in early 2013 and see you guys.

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