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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm one year older

...not so sure about wiser, though.

On an upnote, I am feeling better albeit not 100%. I picked T up from school today and we went out to dinner. She said I could pick where ever I wanted to go. Of course, whenever I mentioned a restaurant, she nixed the idea b/c they didn't serve her favorite food: spaghetti.

Since I didn't want to go to our usual haunt, I picked an old restaurant we rarely go to out of desperation. Unfortunately, I was so annoyed I didn't remember the reason we rarely go there is that the food is barely mediocre and is way overpriced.

Left there for more outrageously expensive food: Ice cream from the ice cream parlour (Ben and J's). My new fav flavor is "americone". Vanilla ice cream with caramel and pieces of cone literally mixed into it all.

What's your favorite flavor?

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Connie said...

Happy,Happy,Birthday-yesterday. I thought I had sent you greetings but it finally came to this old mind I had only given it a lot of thought. So, on to the next milestone - healthier and wealthier are my wishes for you.
Butterpecan and strawberry are my favorites - nothing better.
Love you, T and Dottie.

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