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Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Scored Drugs!!

WoooHooo! Went to my doc, who is a TOTAL MISER when it comes to dispensing antibiotics. Not today, though. She was very concerned that my symptoms started with immediate fever and cough low in chest for 3 days, then moved up to my nose...versus starting in the nose and moving to the chest and then developing a fever. Says my symptoms are more dangerous, therefore was prescribing a zpack of antibiotics. I think she was worried about possible pnemonia...which I do not have as of yet!

I also got an oral steroid, to knock the asthma out of my lungs. In addition to sudafed, multivitamin and advil. So I'm basically popping pills right and left. And I'm not a pill popper, so this is a major PITA. Luckily, the incentive to feel better is huge, so I'm grinning and bearing it.

Just checked, and my fever remains. 99.8 Doc said it will probably take a couple more days to kick it, so I'm home tomorrow and this weekend. Luckily, its Megamind weekend (the dvd releases tomorrow in stores), so T and I will be having movie night and game night. No painting the town red for us!

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Connie said...

Like you say, it's a PITA but "fight the fight" and you'll soon be looking for red paint. Love you and hope all goes well. xox

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