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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nervous Cough

What new ailment is plague-ing us this time? A chronic cough. Nothing is wrong with T but this cough that sounds like she's clearing her throat. Not deep. Not wet. Just frickin' CONSTANT. oy.

We've been to the doc a number of times, and been given all types of meds, that don't appear to be working. Therefore, doc says she's either developed some form of asthma that makes one cough, or its a "nervous cough"...what I call a crazy cough.

Right now, we're on nose spray and singulair, to see if that will knock it out of her. So far, the onlys success we've had...if you can all it success...is that T hates the nose spray. I tell her if I hear her cough, she'll get squirted. Now, she's swallowing her coughs...and burping. Don't know if this is good or bad. We'll see how it all develops or doesn't with time. If it doesn't stop soon, we'll be off to an allergist.

In other news, the lunacy that is my dad continues after a short hiatus. Call came in at lunchtime that he was at the hospital, trying to take my mom out for a ride. Luckily, Dot talked him down on the phone and all was more calm when I arrived. Got him out of there and home, and gave him his meds. We were so hoping that this had ended, with perhaps some acceptance of my mom's plight. Guess not. Meanwhile, my mom remains the same and is still being treated for her aspiration pneumonia. Seemed in good spirits, though.

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Chinazhoumom said...

Hey there - take her to an ENT - sounds like GERD...

ps word verification below says CHIMA
how funny is that...

Connie said...

My sister's "good spirits" is great to know. I feel so sorry for your Dad. I know he is simply lost without his wife but things are not like we all would like them to be. Tell T I don't like nose spray either but have to use it every now and then. xox

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