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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Breaking Blog News

I know this blog has to some extent turned into a big fat downer, what with all of our family problems. But, in an effort to perk things up I bring you breaking blog news.

Inexplicitly, my boy-punching, face-slashing, headband-breaking little ball of mischief has somehow become.....brace yourselves...

the frickin' STUDENT OF THE MONTH!

I was floored.

Don't know if its of her class, of the grade, or of the school. We'll find out on Friday at the school assembly in the morning.

Meanwhile, stand by for more happy news. Tomorrow is the preK breakfast. The kids get to wear a special tshirt with jeans, and there will be a slide show presentation of the preK1 school year as we all eat breakfast. Then on tuesday of next week, is the graduation and end of year show. Kids are required to wear their "Sunday Best". I'm already planning to dress T in the dress she wore to Sophie's communion.

That's the happy news from here!

3 Brilliant Comment(s) from Friends:

Wanda said...

Awh....congrats. (You're doing lots of things right, Mom!)

Connie said...

What a happy blog. I knew all along Tornado Taylor would be #1 - the very best.
My congratulation T. :)xox

Laura said...

Sara's Pre-K graduation is next Friday. Take pics if you can at the ceremony - would love to see the kindergardner (sniff, sob!) in her Sunday best. Hope you have a peaceful weekend. Congrats Mom - and don't be too surprised. T's a delight and you're a great mom.

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