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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Diagnosis and Growing up

Well, the doc says that he believes that T has Recurrent Juvenile Parotitis. Her Parotid gland swells up from time to time. No one really knows why, and its fairly rare. More prevalent in boys than girls per the internet. Usually goes away at puberty, but sometimes not. Can be quite painful. The doc doesn't think its a serious case, but ordered up the MRI to rule out the serious case scenario since she's had it 4 times already. Apparently the "serious case" scenario can sometimes require surgery. I refuse to go there in my mind.

So, we are off for an MRI tomorrow morning. Have to be there at the god-awful hour of 7:30 a.m. in West Doral. Oy. They will sedate her for the test (probably put her to sleep), and then depending on how she comes out of it, may or may not go to camp tomorrow. I'm prepared to work at home if need be.

Speaking of camp, for the very first time since I met her, T experienced something new for the first time without either me or dot. The camp loaded all the kids up on schoolbuses and took them all to the movies. Toy Story 3. She LOVED it. What a big girl she is, riding school buses and everything. She was so proud of herself.

That's it for now, check in tomorrow and I'll be reporting on how the test went. Probably won't have results from the test for a few days.


2 Brilliant Comment(s) from Friends:

Laura said...

Hey lady,
Crossing my fingers all goes well tomorrow! Keep me posted and let me know if you need anything.
Sara's camp also does field trips and they did the Toy Story trip last week and Sara has a ball. Here's my dilemma - the camp said it's okay to send booster seats if the parents want to. So I've been sending her booster seat for the field trip. Sara hates using it on the bus. Are you making T use it? Sara's bus/van has seat belts but she's mad at me because most of the other kids don't use boosters. I'm mean. Plus, the booster seat often is left at camp. It's chaos.

Carol and Taylor said...

I confess I didn't even think of a booster seat, so no, she doesn't use it. Nobady at camp does. Not even the littler ones. It does have seat belts, though.

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