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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pre-K Breakfast

Today was alot of fun. We had breakfast in the cafeteria with the class, and watched a slide show of pictures from the school year. So cute I couldn't stand it. What's more, they gave us all a copy of a DVD. Definitely a keeper.

Unfortunately, none of the pics I took with my iphone turned out that well, so there is no pic from today for the blog.

I did have an opportunity to speak with Mrs. M., and related to her how floored I was to receive the information that T was the student of the month. Especially given her issues throughout the year. Her response?

"Yes, but she's really improved this last month".

So, there you have it. T is winning the award b/c she was the "most improved".

Back-handed compliment if ever I heard one!

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Connie said...

She just keeps getting BETTER & BETTER. Luv & Hugs T.

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