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Thursday, June 17, 2010

T's "Winter" Wardrobe

Anybody who knows me and has viewed the gajillion photos of T on this site, may recognize that we're basically an exclusive Gymb0ree family. Not on purpose, mind you, but by default. When t first came home, I would spend too much time, money, and energy purchasing other brand clothing that never would quite fit her right. With gymbo, the sizes are always very consistent, and now usually come with adjustable waists. They always fit. I can always rely on the quality, and they are just too darned cute. Having 2 outlet stores within driving distance is an added bonus.

Anyway, I say all this b/c I've recently made a big purchase of shorts and shirts and stuff from a different online store. This is HUGE for me. I figure that this will be T's "winter wardrobe". Lots of vibrant dark colors that will look cute this winter. I know you guys up north may think I'm nuts calling dark colored shorts and tank tops "winter clothes", but when you live in the tropics, that's what you do. No cashmere for us!

Anyway, I'm anxiously awaiting the delivery. The only reason I took a chance, is the fact that they have an actual store about an hour north of me, so I can return the lot or exchange it if i'm not happy.

Big thanks to another bloggy mom (Tolman Twins) for the tip: http://www.naartjie.com/ if you want to snoop. Alot of the sale stuff, though, is now sold out.

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