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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Please join our cyber birthday party, and wish my sweet Aunt Connie a very big fat bloggy 87th Birthday!

Hope the next 87 years are as good as the first....or better!

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Dorothy said...

Love you Aunt Connie. You're our hero.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Carol's Aunt Connie!

Anonymous said...

Where exactly can a girl get some booze and cake at these virtual shindigs?

Happy B-day, Connie!

Gramma said...

Wonderful! A very happy 87th birthday to you "Aunt Connie" from Austin,Texas.

Connie said...

Many, Many, Thanks to all you good people. 87 and still growing. Don't know how I managed to get this far up the road. There have been a few bumps but all in all it has been a pretty good ride. Thanks again and good luck, good health and prosperity to all. xox

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