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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Roller Derby Here We Come!

On Saturday morning we woke up bright and early, and headed down to a skating rink in Kendall. A daisy girl scout was turning 7 and Taylor was invited to the party. This was the very first time T had on real rollerskates.

At first, she was not doing well. She could not even stand up straight. If she fell, she couldn't get herself up. Dot and I had to take an arm each, and roll her around the place, and still she couldn't stand upright.

On a sidenote, remind me NEVER, ever to wear sandals to a skating rink. I'm lucky bones weren't broken when she rolled over my feet.
Anyway, this was a great rink. As you can see, there was an area in the middle that was walled off, which allowed the kids just learning to surf the walls in a safer environment. Nobody was whizzing by. This rink was a huge improvement on Tropical Roller Rink, where I spend a majority of my youth between 4th and 7th grades.
Anyway, T was extremely frustrated at not being able to skate, and insisted on putting her sneakers back on. That lasted until her on-again off-again love Daniel showed up and went out onto the floor. He wasn't too good, either.

Suddenly, T wanted back onto the floor, and there was not stopping her. By the end of the set, she could stand up straight, get herself up from a fall, yell at Dot if Dot tried to assist her getting up, and she could skate short distances with no help. Her form may have been bad, but she was doing it.

I have never seen her so determined.

Turns out that the rink has lessons that are very inexpensive. They claim after about 2 lessons, kids get it. Something tells me that we'll be going back there sometime in the future.

I hope she doesn't run off and join the roller derby, that would ruin my plans for medical school. Ah well.

Anybody else out there a former Roller Rink Rat, like I used to be?

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