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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm in a Khaki State of Miami

Aunt Dot, who is in Idaho this week, asked me to post some pics of the work in progress. My house is going from a bright yellow to khaki.

These pics were taken in poor light, but I think you can get an idea of the change.
I'm in no way a neutral kind of girl. Anyone who knows me knows that I adore color in all things...especially decorations and paint. So, this is a big change for me. However, I'm thinking that it will look nice with my dark blue canvass awnings on the front of my house.

I'm bumming b/c my painter was AWOL today. Not sure why, so I only have one coat on one of the walls of my house. I wish he'd hurry up!

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Carol and Taylor said...

btw, you can't really tell from the pic which looks like a dark beige to me, but there is actually a green tint to the color

Carol and Taylor said...

Good Lord, its a vicious cycle. now i'm thinking that the shitty chain link fence, that I HATE, needs to be spray painted black.

Dorothy said...

I can't see the color. It looks biege to me. Chain link fences are supposed to look like that. It isn't wrought iron.

Carol and Taylor said...

yeah, but maybe if I painted it black, it would look cleaner and maybe be less noticable.

Laura said...

Black is always good - all about hiding the dirt! I feel your pain. We painted a bedroom and switched rooms with Sara. Now we're switching bathrooms, which has led to a complete reorganization and its becoming a never ending project. Vicious cycle. Hope the AWOL painter returns.
I think it will look great!

spencer said...

Hey! I loved the yellow, but I am really liking the khaki too. Hope the painter makes it back today!

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