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Monday, January 31, 2011

Spirit Week - School Colors Day

Here's my spirited little student, festooned in her school colors. She was particularly proud of her pig tails, which were quite long.

In other news I'm just sick. One of the party deliveries arrived today according to UPS, but is nowhere to be found. Either they delivered it to the wrong address. Or, more likely, they delivered it correctly and it was stolen from my front porch.

No word yet on whether or not they will replace the items, or whether I'll have to pay for the things again. Some of the items are easily replaced. But one item...22 favor gift boxes and loot to fill them, are irreplacable. The things were on sale at 1/2 price...plus a percentage off. No way I'll ever find replacements that cheaply.

I only have one more outstanding order, and its a small one. I'll be watching out for that one like a hawk. Its supposed to arrive on 2/3.

At the rate I'm going, I might as well have shelled out the $$ to have the party at some business establishment, and saved myself the trouble.

Live and learn, right?

UPDATE AT 11:37 P.M.: I'm asleep, my phone rings, and its some man saying that he lives at the same house number, but a few streets over, and he just got home to discover a package addressed to me, delivered to his house. Would I like him to bring it over? I say YES! So, I get up, find a robe and go out in my livingroom to wait. Meanwhile, all the home invasion robberies I ever handled wherein they posed as package delivery fly through my head, and I start getting nervous about opening the door. Guy calls again and he's outside my house. I peek out, open the door, he hands me my hugely bigger than expected box. (I had forgotten about the pinata inside) Smiles, says he saw it was from a party store and wanted to get it to me, b/c he has 4 kids, too.

See? Its nice to be reminded that the world is not full of criminals! Honest people other than you and I do exist! Yippee!!!!!!!

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Alice said...

I love happy endings!
Spirit week should be fun! Taylor's such a cutie!

Connie said...

And this happened in Miami-Dade County. Remarkable and kudos to the gentleman who returned it. Knock on wood. T looks delightfull and full of fun. xox

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