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Saturday, January 15, 2011

More Disney

Turns out what T really wanted to do at Epcot was go on the Mexico ride. That's it, just the Mexico ride. We did that, then started on the walk "around the world. We made it all the way to China, where she insisted on buying a new fan, as she claims her old one is lost. I suspect its in her toybox, but today was family day, so who cared? The kid go a new fan.
We then got some ice cream in africa, and T was done. It was already around 3:00 by then, so we went back to our hotel for a much needed (for me) nap.

We took a boat across the lake and left the park. All I can say is thank god for the seasonal pass that we have, which allows us to come and go as we please. If I had shelled out the $$ for the ticket for just that day, I would have lost my mind.
Can this kid eat ice cream, or what??
After my nap, we got showers and then took the hotel boat to Downtown disney.

...to be continued....

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