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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Show

Every year T's school has an event at barnes and noble. Each grade does a performance throughout the afternoon, and a proceeds of the sales go to the school, if you present a special coupon. The kindergarten performance is entitled, Giraffes Can't Dance. T is playing the role of "The Rhino Playing the Guitar". This will be a bit of an encore performance for T, as she played the guitar (electric barbie toy guitar), in the end of year preK show. So, I have high hopes. I just hope she doesn't suffer another wardrobe malfunction.

The dress code today is "wear a dress that you wear to church". Oy. While T has a number of suitable dresses, she doesn't wear them to church. I live in fear that I'm going to be busted on that one day soon. I figure its just a matter of time before T announces to the class and teacher, "But I don't have a church dress because we don't go to church". Aaaaaack!

So, I'm busy cementing my place in pergatory, by having the following conversations with T:

Me: Taylor, does anyone ask if you go to church?
T: No
Me: Well, if the subject ever comes up, you can answer Yes, because we always go to church on Easter. Right? Remember?
T: ignores me and continues watching TV.

I'm hoping this attempt at brain washing will avert religious disaster. Luckily, T's school is "catholic-lite", so even if she does let the family secrets slip, the consequences should not be as dire as in other schools. Just a bit embarassing. I figure I can get away with this for at least another year or two. Besides, the school will start dragging the poor child to church on a regular basis, so I figure that will be enough! Perhaps if I was dragged a few less times as a child, I'd be more willing to go now. ...but I digress.

So, stand by and I'll try and get some good pictures.

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