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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Holy Mother of God

I knew going in that becoming a parent would expose me to all sorts of gross things... poopy diapers, soupy poopy diapers, vomit, wet beds, bloody knees/elbows/noses, gross decaying bottles and food found in unlikely places, etc. What I never counted on?

Frickin' HEAD LICE.

Yes, hot on the heels of the school's announcement on Thursday that a kid in T's class has head lice, I found a bug in T's hair today. Also, odd tiny white dots adhering to her hairs...just a few. All I can say is thank god for google.

I immediately googled "head lice" and came up with the web site: www.lousecalls.com . The professionals will be coming out tomorrow and treating Taylor, and inspecting and treating me and Dot if necessary. They will also give me advice on how to de-louse my house. This is all I need.

I'm very much afraid that when I report it to the school, they won't let Taylor back into class for a week, after the 2nd treatment, which is applied 7 - 10 days after the first. We'll see.

Please say a prayer. The last thing I want to do is burn a whole week of vacation time, because of this idiotic reason. Sigh.

If I couldn't stop itching before, you should see me now. Apparently, a louse doesn't fly or jump like fleas. They are spead via close contact or common use of brushes and towels. Since T and I sleep together, I figure I'm screwed. The only thing that might save me is my liberal use of industrial strength hair spray. Oddly, lice like clean hair more than dirty hair.

Ain't motherhood grand?

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Connie said...

Stuff happens. I hope you don't have to burn your vacation week. Just reading about this makes me itch....lol

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