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Monday, September 6, 2010

Blurry Photo Monday

If you have trolled around blogland for any small length of time, you have probably noticed that there are alot of really talented ladies out there, honing their skills with the camera. On certain days of the week, they post their fabulous photos. I don't participate b/c, well, my pics suck. Plus, I don't have a million dollar camera to assist my amatuerish attempts. So upon review of my most recent T pics, I decided "Blurry Photo Monday" was quite appropriate. Wonder if any othe moms will join my bandwagon?

As you can see, T has been fiercely practicing her hoola hoop, with great results. She's actually quite good! Capturing her little whirling dervish self on camera, however, is another thing.

Lastly, since we didn't do anything fun on this holiday and T was such a good girl when we were at grandma and grandpa's house 3 times this weekend (things there remain temporarily calm), the rainy day drove us out of the house to Target with its covered parking. T insisted on wearing her boots.

As usual, T had to pay homage to the barbie doll aisle. Though there are no new products, and she has stared at them all at least a hundred times before, once again, she had to go down the aisle, looking at and touching EACH. AND. EVERY. FRICKIN'. THING.

Target really should install seating in the toy department for the parents. If I can ever find a suggestion box, that would be mine. I was lucky, though, and found an empty spot on the bottom shelf, which was big enough to accomodate my large caboose. It wasn't so bad. I let T dream for 20 minutes, then called an end to it all.

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day, and that it was less soggy than ours.

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2 Brilliant Comment(s) from Friends:

Anonymous said...

Love the boot with the shorts combo - very fashion forward!

Connie said...

Love them boots. Does she sleep with them? oxo

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