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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rainy days and Mall days

Yep, T played hookie today. We both stayed in bed and slept in late.... To the very late hour of 8:00 a.m. I blame T. I was willing to loll around in bad for a few more hours, but she was up wanting to watch cartoons. sigh. Got up, dressed in some cute rainy day clothes, and headed out to Target until the mall opened.

The tropical storm has been a total non-event here. All I've experienced is a light to moderate rain...all day long. No thunder. No lightening. No sideways rain. No bands. No wind. Just a constant soaking.

We bought a few things at the mall, and were back home by 1:00. Our girl scout loot arrived, so stay tuned for t in her official daisy uniform.

Now, we're making cupcakes. The preparation was temporarily suspended when I discovered after mixing in the water and the butter that we didn't have any eggs. A quick run to the farm stores, and we're back in business. T helped quite a bit.

That's it for our big day off.

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Carol and Taylor said...

Finally, now, at 8 oclock at night, its raining hard enough to lose my satellite signal. Hadn't done that all day!

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