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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Word from Disney - updated

Dot reports that they're having a ball. They drove up, and T wanted to go in the pool. 3 hours later, she allowed herself to be fished out and they made their way to Epcot for dinner.

On Tuesday, they were up bright and early and off to the Magic Kingdom. First hour or two was great, then it was a mob scene. They went on its a small world, the carousel, explored Toon Town, and caught a parade. Then it was back to the hotel for more pool time. After some naps, they took the hotel boat to downtown disney and hung out there for dinner.

Today, they play to go off to Hollywood Disney, as T calls it. I just received this picture from my sissy, who doesn't know how to download I now learn. I suspect she was able to take this pic with her phone, and then send it off.

T is one girl who LOVES her mickey waffles!

UPDATE: Dot reports that they arrived at MGM, saw the Mickey Mouse Club show then T wanted to leave and go swim in the pool. No amount of bribing would get her to stay through the character lunch for which Dot obtained a coveted rez. Poor Dot had splurged on adding a park-hopper to their tickets, to allow them to go to more than one park in a day. Ka-ching. Turns out that wasn't necessary, as all T wants to do on this trip is swim. Go figure. Every trip to Disney with T over the years has been a totally different experience. This time, its all POOL all the time. Perhaps our next trip will be a beach trip to the gulf coast. Live and learn!

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