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Monday, April 12, 2010

My Life is a Farce...

...if its not my crazy parents complicating my life, its my daughter. Let's review just 3 things she did last night:

1. Around 6 p.m., T is in the living room with her little broom, pretending to mop the floors like Leonor. She even had some water going. I was going to make her stop, but she wasn't doing any real harm and was having a ball. At 8:00 p.m., I was on my hands and knees cleaning up after her with clorox wipes. Why? I discovered where she was obtaining her water. Though clean (thank god), the thought of dried toilet-bowl water on my floors was just creeping me out. I then launched into a long lecture on why we don't use toiletbowl water for ANYTHING.

2. T came up to me smiling, and all lovey. I thought she was going to give me a kiss. Nope. Instead, she drew her head back and head butted me in the forehead! Luckily, she's not that experienced in the move, and did no real damage. She had been watching one of the Shrek movies on TV, and I know there's a fight scene where Fiona headbutts somebody. I then launched into the 2nd lecture of the night, on how we don't headbutt ANYBODY!

3. Later in the night, she come prancing out of her bedroom in a Sophie hand-me-down dress that's beige lace. She was also sporting her mickey ears with a veil. She comes prancing up to me, puts her arm around me, give me a very serious look....I started saying how she better not headbutt me again....when my darling daughter, mid-lecture, tries to frickin french kiss me! Yikes! Again, I blame a scene in Shrek. That started the 3rd lecture of the night, on how we only kiss boyfriends and husbands like that. Not mommies...or aunties...or grandmas...or teachers...or boys in school...or ANYONE in school...Oy. After, I realized I probably should have limited to list of acceptable people to french kiss to husbands, but I was so shocked I wasn't on top of my game. Figure she'll forget the lecture by the time its really relevent to her life. Lets hope!

So ends my crazy evening. Sometimes I truly think that somebody could read this blog, and write a really good sit-com based on my crazy life.

Happy Monday, everyone!

3 Brilliant Comment(s) from Friends:

Chinazhoumom said...

the ole saying - a challenging child - makes for an easy teenager...one can ONLY HOPE !

Vicki said...

The French kissing part is crackin' me up. OMG. Another adoptive mom and I were emailing about how our daughters were quite interested in our anatomies...mainly the boobs. I guess it's the mommy connection -- literally. Ha.
I took note of your comment of Chinese character-ed comments on my blog. Gonna have to go to moderated comments, too. The saying were simple/un-connected proverbs, but the links/dot,dot,dots,lines led to no good websites. Gonna fix that right away. Thanks.
Hope your farce gets fab.
Oh...and I played on all these antique toys, too. You know...EVERYthing becomes antique-y FAST these days. I just found out kids don't wanna talk on their cell phones. Nope. Only text. I'm so out of the loop.

Wanda said...

Just catching up here and I see that the craziness continues. (something about consistancy that's reassuring...hhmmmm....)

It may be universal though. The french kissing thing has been going on for awhile. Definately picked up on videos and than probably talked and titered about with her gal pals. (like....let's try it out on our mom's...it'll be fun.) Horrors.

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