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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Weekend's Too Short!

boy do I wish the weekend was at least another 2 days. Its been a pretty good one, comparatively. Yesterday, we got up bright and early and went to Allens Drugstore, in South Miami. They have a real, old-fashioned diner there, that's been there for over 60 years, I think. My dad reports that he used to heat there in the 50's. The diner is conveniently attached to a drugstore, that has supplies for my mom for a slightly less price. Bonus! T ate about 1/8 of one of the two biggest pancakes I have ever seen in my life. Why the waitress didn't clue me in on how big they are, when it was obvious that I was ordering for a 5 yr old, is incomprehensible to me. Oh well, lessen learned.

We then went and picked up glasses that I had ordered for my mom and the aid. The temples had broken off of both of their glasses, and could not be fixed. You think its hard picking out frames for yourself? Try doing it for someone else who is not present. Oy. Anyway, I'm thrilled with them. They were fairly inexpensive, and were a gift to the aid, for putting up with my father's lunacy.

Then, we did the most important thing of all....T was invited to a birthday party for a boy in her class. This was the first such invitation, much to her mother's secret glee. It was held at a local My Gym, and T had an absolute ball running around the place for 2 hours.

I must admit that i got a bit sentimental. The first bday party t ever went to, was at a mygym, days before her first birthday. Boy was she little then, and just barely walking. Where the hell did the time go?

Its a bit of a rainy day here, so we're just hanging out. T is campaigning to go to the toy store, and I'm putting her off for the moment. I suspect that I'll cave, though, and go and get her some craft or project she can do indoors on this yucky day.

That's all to report from here. Hope everyone has a fun-filled sunday!

Oh yeah: T is still asking to wear her thumb guard to bed. However, we caught her sneaking to suck her thumb as she was falling asleep in the car seat yesterday. So, not sure what progress we're actually making.

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Connie said...

Love the tulip picture. Sounds like your weekend was a good one. Hey, wait till you're my age and you'll find out how fast time flies. Good luck for T and her thumb shield. She'll make it. Luv Ya!!!

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