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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Games People Play

Here's my little swinger. She loves the swing. As you can see below, she has lost all fear of the swing that she used to have, and likes to go so high, she can touch the sky.

Meanwhile, T dragged out an old box of an Uno game, that's been stashed away for over 30 years. Inside was this score card, that made me smile. My aunts and uncle, parents, sister and her now ex-hubby, and often my cousin Erin would come over to our house for a blisteringly competitive game of Uno. Connie, who is still a card shark to this day, apparently won the game this night over 30 years ago.

I just wish everybody was still around, either in mind or body, so T could know how much fun they were.

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Connie said...

Those were good times - never to be forgotten. I must admit I have only a vague idea of how to play Una. The pictures are terrific. I really enjoyed that trip. xox

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