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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Wrap-Up

This old picture has nothing to do with this post. It just makes me smile with that hair-do. Anyway, Dot and I spent alot of time at my parents' house this weekend, hoping to diffuse the situation a bit. Don't think we were so successful.

Today, Dot and i did our taxes and headed over there. I got there first, to find a huge fire engine parked in front of their house. The aid went to the bathroom, and my dad proceeded to get my mom out of bed and take her to the bathroom. Of course, she fell, and they had to call the fire department to come and get her up, as neither my dad nor the aid could lift her up.

It just never ends. Luckily, there were no visible injuries this time. I'm going to try and make an appt for him with the dr this week, to get him on some kind of medication.

Meanwhile, T is very excited to be going back to school on monday and seeing her friends. Mom, not so much. I was enjoying sleeping in a bit and not getting to work until 9:00 am. Those days are over for a while.

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Connie said...

OMG - what next????? This situation just breaks my heart and I know of two others that are cracked. Love Ya...xox
PS>>>Cute picture of T.

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