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Friday, April 2, 2010

Taylor's Old School

Taylor's current school is on Easter vacation since 1:00 p.m. on wednesday. So yesterday and today, I took her to her hold daycare. She was so excited she couldn't stand it. She got to see all her old friends, who were equally excited to see her. I arrived yesterday, and the T was sitting between her best buds Kayla and Nyana. She had her feet in Kayla's lap, who was tying her shoes. They were all very busy discussing the fact that they were all 5 yrs. old.

Last night, T got one of her birthday cards, wrote Kayla's name in it, and brought it to school today for her. T can be so sweet she kills me. Anyway, here's T with Kayla and Madison, another all-time favorite.

Meanwhile, the 5 yr old wellness visit went great. Only glitch is that they think T is underweight at 32 pounds and 41.5 inches. They suggest pediasure, a calorie heavy drink for kids with vitamins in it. I plotted T's current height and weight on the growth charts. If she stays in the same percentile, at 18 she'll be 5'1" and 95 pounds. She doesn't look underweight to me, and is currently chowing down on goldfish. So, I'll get the drink and see what happens.

Meanwhile, the drama I alluded to in the previous post happened sunday night. My dad had a mental break, and verbally threw the aid donna out of the house, along with my sister. She had me on speaker phone, and he was really nasty. So, I told dot to leave and if he thinks he can take care of her, so be it.

I checked in Monday at lunch and all was well, though my mom was in the bed. I changed her, and told him to change her nightgown, as it was dirty. Meanwhile, he didn't remember being so nasty. I checked again after work, to find the neighbors in the house. He had tried to get her out of bed to go to dinner, and she fell by the bed and he couldn't get her up. Had to go running for the neighbors. My mom cut her hand, had a big bump on her head, but was otherwise OK.

After a long conversation, he was like a different man. Said he needed help and was making mistakes. End of a very long story, is that we now have an agency aid in the house, at quite a bit more money. Upside is that we LOVE her. Her name is Ecoline. She in her 60's, and arrived with her neice, who is a metro dade police officer. Its always so stressful to put a stranger in to you house, let alone you parent's house. I loved that her neice was there checking us out as well. Guess the flip side is that its also stressful going into someone's house. Anyway, she is the polar opposite personality wise than Donna was. So far, so good.

She's there 7 days a week, so Dot and I have a break. We're actually going to have friends over tonight, to color easter eggs. We were thinking of having a big easter dinner over there, but decided against it. We'll just drop in to say hello.

Everytime I get hopeful that things are looking up, another shoe drops. I think Im developing ptsd from all this. Sigh.

So, everybody PLEASE say a prayer that this works out, and there is no drama this weekend or in the future.

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Wanda said...

Oh, where have I been? I missed the big 5 birthday. Happy Birthday to your sweet angel. Five is wonderful. They just get it at five. Love that age.

All the best with your folks. Hope this aid works out for you.

Happy Easter! Hope it's peaceful.

Connie said...

well - I'm speachless. I hope and pray this all works out and there is improvement & peace at 123.
You and Dotty certainly deserve a big break. Enjoy the weekend. Love U 3.

Laura said...

You and Dot have been AMAZING!!! Hugs and wine to both of you.
Happy happy 5th birthday to Miss T - glad she's doing so well.
Also, FYI - we got the 4 days/4 parks disney passes and we're going at least 3 more times before the end of May. Let me know if you guys can meet up at all.
Love you guys and happy Easter.

Aunt Connie said...

Hi Taylor.......Just wanted to wish you an Eggy Easter and a lots of good stuff in your basket. Love you.....xox

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