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Friday, April 9, 2010

This and That

Well now, what can I report tonight. My creative juices just aren't flowing. So, whenever that happens, I simply resort to bullets:

  • Based upon this post on the Salsa sight:

http://salsainchina.blogspot.com/2010/04/first-thumb-free-night-well-see.html , I bought a thumb guard for T, in hopes of getting her to stop sucking her thumb. It should arrive soon.

  • My trial got continue AGAIN. Its now going on 5 years. This time, the reasons were two-fold: First, the defense attorney has been suspended from the practice of law for 30 days ending 5/4, and Second, the defendant claimed to be too sick due to some thyroid condition on which she's supposedly having surgery on....coincidently....the day the trial was to start. yeah, right. Since the defense attorney is unavailable anyway, it wasn't worth calling her on her nonsense. Sigh. We're set 5/12 to SET a trial date.

  • Our tranquil, euphoric time of all under control at 123 is over. Its not, its just not a the breaking point yet. Seems my dad is driving the aid crazy, getting in her way, not letting her do the things she believes that she should. Plus, I suspect he's acting like an asshole. She lodged a complaint to her agency who called us today to burst our bubble. I went over. No drama or anything, just the aid is not happy and doesn't like to complain. Don't know where this will lead other than her quitting sometime soon, and having to get a new one in. I figure we'll burn through them every couple weeks. Very upsetting.

  • We were hoping to maybe go to the beach this weekend, but I doubt we'll make it now, due to 123 street issues.

  • I still haven't done my taxes. Sigh.

  • My Aunt Connie needs to join facebook. I just found the Taylor girls: Kelly, Kathie and Erin and kin on it. Also the Tyler gang. Neat way to stay in touch/catch up. Next time I'm able to get up north, I'll help you with that.

2 Brilliant Comment(s) from Friends:

Connie said...

A thumb guard - a great idea and I hope it works. Five years and still counting. Seems like I've been agitated about this case forever and I must say, Carol, you are in relentless pursuit for justice. I know absolutely nothing about "Facebook" so your help would be appreciated. Hugs to T..xox

Chinazhoumom said...

Thank Goodness K never sucked her thumb...or a paci - I hate the thought of both (yes I am the crazy mom who is all - TAKE YOU FINGERS OUT OF YOUR MOUTH - germs I tell ya)...after reading the germ book - it was never a challenge...

I would tell her - BIG prize - and tell her to pic 1 of say 5 things - purchase it - put it on top of the fridge -where she can see it - and tell her when she has gone 3 weeks (put stickers on calendar )she gets it - BUT BUT (this is where you have to be firm) if she starts again - you take it back-and she can try again to earn it back...
the whole stay on green thing - if K earns something -but then gets on red - she brings it back to me - :here" mom - I will try again...and back it goes to the top of the fridge...
Good Luck...also the whole" babies suck their fingers thing" might work - (my bet she will rip that thing off and throw it across the room...)I got $1 on it!
c in FL

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