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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

T is Sick

One of the girls at the birthday party, I noticed, was sick. Nick P got sick on Sunday night, and Taylor has been sick since monday night. Fever. Hovers around 102.6. Meds bring it down and she's her usual chipper self, but as they wear out she runs out of steam, and then is just one sick little girl with no energy. Very un-T.

I'm hoping they both get well before xmas.

No kids should be sick on xmas, right?

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Connie said...

Right - You gotta fight it T. Hope it all goes away. xox

Anonymous said...

I was hoping she would be feeling better by now and that it was just a 24 hour thing. Feel better sweet pea!

Thank you for my treat! What? You can smell my morning breath all the way down in Miami?!?


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