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Thursday, October 28, 2010


The festivities have officially commenced. It all started when we returned home from school to find the mail. An official WHOOPPEE card arrived addressed to "Cleopatra Rose Taylor Jordan". We call cards with any amount of $$ in them Whooppee cards in this family, b/c my grandpaw Taylor always yelled "Whoooppeee!" when he received one!

T almost peed in her pants from the excitement.

Her joy increased when she found a halloween card inside the envelope, chock full 'o cash. Then, she discovered it was from her beloved Aunt Con Con. Here she is stashing the cash away in her wallet. She's already scheming about what she can buy. Thank you Aunt Connie! We're keeping this card, as it has written on it one of my Aunt's famous rhymes. She has always been the rhyming-est member of the family, bar none!

T then settled down to decorate the pumpkins we bought from publix last night. Yes, this is how those of us who live in a sweltering swamp decorate our pumpkins...with sharpies! Otherwise, you quickly have a rotting, maggot-invested, stinky mess. We are oh-so-jealous of our friends from the north around this time, who actually have seasons, and can carve their pumpkins a week or two before halloween, then put them out in their refrigerated front yard.

If any of your northerners are curious, take your pristine jacko, heat your oven to 100, and put it in there for a few days, and see what happens. For extra brave souls and the full effect, keep filling a pan with water, so its nice and humid, too. I promise you, it will be lots of fun ;)

So, we're all bathed and waiting for Scared Shrekless to start. Tomorrow T goes dressed as a pumpkin to school, as its their harvest party.

Wishing everyone a spooky halloween!

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A marvelous plan was made in the stars,
to create a miracle across the ocean so far....
Then entwine and weave all the hopes and labor,
it would take to bring us this joy called "Taylor"....
Now three lives are blessed and somewhere in the stars,
the planners are smiling, as we all are.

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