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Saturday, October 23, 2010

123 Update

Well, I don't think my mom is doing too well lately. As you all may remember, She had a mini-stroke in february, after recovering from her broken hip. While it was happening, she seemed to lose strength in her left side. She was not using her left arm, at all and cound not lift it up. Could only lift up her hand.

By the next morning, though, she had recovered quite a bit. It seems that in the last few weeks though, her health is deteriorating. She no longer uses her left hand or arm. To move it, she picks it up with her other hand and repositions it. Also, it seems that her left leg is seizing up, and she can't seem to straighten it out anymore.

Plus, we're battling bed sores. She got them when she broke her hip, and we were battling them for months. While in the nursing home, the one on her tailbone healed up, but not 100%. It always looked like it was threatening to reappear. Its starting to. Despite the pressure mattress we have. Despite the fact that Ico shifts her every few hours. Ico will shift her, but she'll shift back b/c she wants to lay in the one position to make her more comfortable.

The upshot of all of this, is that she can no longer assist in any way when transferring her to the wheelchair. She can't hold onto the aid at the waist, nor can she support a portion of her weight with her feet. The aide has asked for a lift to help transfer her. Ico also reported that her blood pressure seemed too low at one point last night.

Clearly, she needs to be seen by a doctor, but I'm very much afraid that we don't have the capacity to get her to her general practitioner anymore. I'm trying to find a doc who will come to the house. In my search, my friend who has a 102 yr old mother, recommended hospice services.

I always thought that hospice was for the last few weeks of life. It is, but its also more. Apparently, if one qualifies due to poor health, one can be in hospice care longterm. What that means, is that a doctor and nurse will periodically come to the house. They will also send someone to assist Ico with bathing and grooming. They will supply some supplies and equipment like a lift. They will help with pain management if that becomes an issue. If something goes wrong, we can call them and they will come to the house even if it is not one of the scheduled visits. I believe that most is covered by medicare.

So, we have an appt today at 11:00 am, for the nurse to come and evaluate my mom. I feel certain that she will qualify, especially since Mrs. Goldenberg did, and she's healthier at 102 than my mom.

The one good thing about it all, is that my mom does seem to be happy. Plus, I think its finally starting to sink into my 1/2 demented father that she's sick a sick lady. He's acknowledged twice that the world will be a different place without my mom in it, and he has to fight himself not to cry. That is huge. Knock on wood, and I pray I'm not jinxing things by typing this, but there have been no big problems with my dad since she's been home. Lets hope it continues.

Boring and peaceful used to be a hugely underestimated commodity by me.

No more!

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Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and hoping all goes well today.


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