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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Family Picnic

We started the weekend with dinner at the Merrick Park Norstrom, followed by a trip to the bookstore. So many books, so little time.

On Saturday, we basically ran errands. I also bought myself a new TV for my bedroom for 2 reasons: First, my old one was getting harder to see without my glasses on. I figured if I sized up, I could see it more easily while in bed. I was right! I'm now up to a size 32 inch in there. My eyes better not get worse too soon, as I can't imagine a larger one in there. I'm pushing it with this one, as it is.

Second reason was that Icolene, my mom's aid, had asked for a new one, and we want to keep her happy. I had an old analog TV in her room with a converter, and it was getting hardly any channels. I gave her my old one, which is digital. She's getting many more channels, now. Have to keep her happy. Apparently my dad was generally an SOB to her this week. He's turning into a cranky old man, who likes to hear himself complain and bitch about things. Sad, as he never used to be that way. Its his illness. So, I'm hoping that this made her happy.

On Sunday we had Taylor's school picnic. She had a blast. She spent at least 2 hours in the bounce houses that were set up. The rest of the time, she was busy on her scooter, learning to scoot better. She's getting quite good.

At one point, her love Daniel suddenly appeared on his scooter. He stopped, looked right at T, then took off again. T instantly took off after him, like a heat seeking missile. Her friend Nicole took off running after Taylor, and poor me took off after all 3 of them, trying to keep up as they went to the other side of the schoolyard. Oy.

While there, we discovered the face painting, so T and Nicole had to get in line, and Daniel was forgotten. Luckily for me, facepainting still trumps boys in kindergarten.

We hung out there until late afternoon, and are now home. T is asleep after her big day. I suspect she'll be awake later.

Tomorrow is a very important day. T goes to school, and I have the day off due to columbus day! Yippee! Its a mommy play-day. I have big plans to head to the mall. I'll pick T up late from aftercare, as we have our first Daisy girl scout meeting tomorrow night. T will be decked out in her uniform.

That's it for now. Hope you all had a great weekend.

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2 Brilliant Comment(s) from Friends:

Connie said...

Well, it sounds like ya'll had a good busy weekend. By all means keep Ico happy. As for me - Saturday was a nothing day. Sunday I started out to take my neighbor to 2 different grocery stores and found my right front tire a breath away from being flat. We made it to a tire store several blocks away and I thought they could repair the tire since they all had good tread. NO - all four had "dry rot and cracks, very dangerous". So, 4 new tires and I'm rolling again but back in debt. Better in debt than out a life. All told, I'm happy it's done. End of story.....xox

Carol and Taylor said...

Rotting tires! Oh, no!

I had to get 4 new tires a week or two ago. Mine were just worn out, though, not falling apart. Glad you've got 4 safe tires now, though. I'm glad its done, as well.

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