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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The things kids do...

Apparently, one learns how to give oneself a hickie during the first week of Catholic school kindergarten. Lovely, isn't it? I read about other kids learning addresses and phone numbers and other useful information. My kid? A frickin' hickie!Clearly, one of the other delinquent children in T's class has some older brothers and sisters.

Dot and I suspect that the knowledge spread like wildfire throughout the class, and then during quiet time, when T had her head down on the the desk with her mouth so temptingly close to her forearms, she couldn't resist. We're refusing, though, to call it a hickie within T's earshot. We're calling it a bruise. T has promised not to do it again. We'll see.

Guess Billy Joel had it all wrong in his song, clearly the girls are starting much earlier ;)

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Laura said...

LOL! Sorry, no comment. But love the Billy Joel reference.

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