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Monday, August 16, 2010

Stressful Week in Store

This week is shaping up to be a stressful one. Besides the usual stuff at work, T's camp ended and she's back at her old daycare with all her old buddies. She's thrilled. Mom, however, forgot the rules, and sent the wrong stuff. That gang at her school could care less what one packs as a lunch. At the daycare not so much. They insist on only healthy snacks. No cookies, nothing chocolate, no chips/fritos/doritos or the like, no juices with sugar like capri sun, the list goes on. ...it outlaws almost everything in my house.

I may send cereal as a snack in a baggie tomorrow, and hope it passes the test. Of course, the cereals are fruity pebbles or trix, so I bet I get yelled at again.

Wednesday is shaping up to be the day for the perfect storm. I have to buy T's books in the morning, pick up T from the daycare early for an 11:30 dr appt, my mom comes home from the nursing home at 4:00, and I have to be back at T's school at 7 ( i think) for kindergarten orientation. Which brings me to the biggest source of stress...my mom coming home.

She will be fine. The question is my dad. I'm starting to worry that its not going to work out after a few conversations this weekend. Each one was like I was telling him for the first time what is wrong with my mom. When I mentioned the nurse that will be coming home with her...the same one that we've employed since the end of march...his response is "What nurse?" "Who's she?". Oy.

Thursday I'm taking him to the doctor to see if his meds need adjusting. He's been complaining of dry eyes, which is a side effect of diabetes. Unregulated diabetes can effect one's retinas and make you go blind if not addressed. Dry eyes is often a precursor to that. His refusal to take his meds has also, I believe, contributed to his dimentia. I was reading online that people with unregulated diabetes have a higher probability for developing dimensia than those who take their meds. So, so frustrating.

If I could just get him cooperating, life would be so good. I've been praying that having the aid in the house again will work , b/c I can't keep going over there everyday at lunch to give him his meds and buy him lunch. I've been hanging on these last weeks, with the knowledge that its not forever. If we have to yank my mom out of the house, I really am not sure what I'm going to do about him. It probably won't be anything pretty.

So, that's it for now. Any good thoughts or prayers you can send our way, will be especially appreciated this week.

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Connie said...

Honey, my thoughts and prayers are with the 3 of you every day. I hope some of them land on your Dad and his physical/mental condition will greatly improve. I'm always hoping the entire situation will get better & better. Always looking for one step ahead. Love...xox

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