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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hmmm, hot on the heels of all the excitement over her tooth, T comes home today with a frickin' RED LIGHT. An almost impossible feat, as the kids are ususally given a number of chances. It was the talk of aftercare.

Mrs. Maranges, her old preK teacher said that you have to be really bad to get that. Upon cross examination, T confessed that she was playing in class, looking very contrite. However her friend Lauren who was standing right next to T, piped up with the further information that T got a red light b/c Taylor put scissors on Lauren's head. I then look at T, who started bawling. Yep, clearly a confession.

Luckily, T said she did it b/c she wanted to, and had no intent to cut poor lauren's hair, which I beleive. I suspect, and rightly so, that the teacher feared T was about to scalp the kid, upon seeing T with scissors at lauren's head. I'll find out more tomorrow, when I drop T off and have a word with the teacher.

So, T is unplugged and punished for two whole nights. More if she's not good in the next few days.

Beauty school is definitely NOT in my kids future (assuming mom has any say in the matter), so T better get over her scissor fetish now. I see lots of long talks in the coming days.

Wish us luck!

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Carol and Taylor said...

Mrs. C, her teacher, reported this morning that the red light was b/c Taylor was running around the classroom with scissors, despite being warned how to hold them correctly (i.e. by the tip when passing them or walking with them). The teach also confirmed that T did have the scissors near Lauren's head, and appeared to be pretending (thank god) to cut her hair.

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