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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bragging Rights

T's parent/teacher conference was today. I met with Mrs. C for a full 15 minutes to talk about my precious daughter: My favorite thing. Far, far too short an amount of time in my opinion. Anyway, here's the scoop (her words, not mine) when I asked how T was doing academically:

She is reading. She is the only child in the class that is writing sentences on her own. She is extremely smart. That's the reason she was given student of the month.

Regarding her conduct (an area of bigger concern for me): She isn't perfect, but nothing that the teach says she can't handle, and nothing that is not appropriate for this age. Teach says she'd rather have a child like T in class...who is very smart and perhaps a bit too rambunctious than a perfectly behaved child who just doesn't get it academically.

Regarding the problems of last year with hitting and her inability to deal with rejection from the boys who weren't (in her mind) paying enough attention to her? Mrs. C was very surprised to hear of that. Says she has never seen any evidence of that type of behavior, and reminded me that children do mature and grow out of that. She stated that she seems to get on well with the other children in her class.

Um, all I can say is that its a little scary how proud I was. I think I'm now starting to understand, just a bit, the mindset of those creepy pageant moms.

So, its looking like my dream of MIT or Medical school may come to pass in the future. Better start saving my pennies!

2 Brilliant Comment(s) from Friends:

Aunt Connie said...

It only gets better and better = Imagine That! Of course, her Mom and Aunt Dottie has a lot to do with that. I'm so proud of you three.

Laura said...

She's amazing and I'm not surprised! I got to hear Sara's teacher rave about Sara and I know Sara and T are pretty much at the same level.
Question: Do they do any type of gifted class/academic support? Sara was referred for gifted and hopefully she'll be evaluated in the next several months so she can have some additional academic challenges in first grade. I figure it will help prep her for medical school!

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